Street Fighter IV previewed by Xbox World 360

Xbox World 360 played several of the classic Ken vs Ryu matches on Chun-Li's stage, and the moves and speed of the game are already there. Sweeping, throwing a fireball and the old shoryuken are all set off with the same joystick motions, and have a whole new level of 'oomph' in the crunching 3D models. It's fast as well (something the previous pseudo-3D versions never managed), and fights can turn either way in the matter of a few paltry seconds.

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Azures3753d ago

Sounds great. Exactly what I was expecting, great gameplay.

Guwapo773753d ago

SF2 was one of my favorite fighters/games of all time. To see this bad boy gearing up is a dream come true.

Best believe I'll be picking up SF2HDRemix2d3rdpower.

power of ghey3753d ago

I want boob physics like the one in DOAX2.

Guwapo773752d ago

...I'm going to have to disagree with you there. I like me some firm breastess.