Xbox Live Marketplace Update: October 2nd, 2012 - Warfighter Beta, Dance Central 3 Demo, Much More

This week on Xbox Live sees the usual Wednesday release day for XBLA titles delayed until Friday, the beginning of the Medal of Honor: Warfighter beta, a demo for the upcoming Dance Central 3, and much more.

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Relientk771817d ago

Sonic Adventure 2

Nights into Dreams

bring on the old school games


TrendyGamers1817d ago

I'll definitely be checking out the Medal of Honor beta.

Dante1121816d ago

Same here. Medal of Honor looks like it's gonna be ALOT of fun.

BringingTheThunder1817d ago

free for gold members, awesome!

Dlacy13g1816d ago

Hmm..nice to see GRFS coming out at $49.99 on Games on Demand and not the usual full retail price most GoD games come out with their first time.

GirlsGeneration1816d ago

Nice! I can't wait for MoH beta on friday