GameTrailers TV: MLB 08: The Show Preview, Major Nelson Interview, NG2 and more

Welcome to GameTrailers TV:

This episode GT TV talks to the industry insiders to get their predictions for 08. Plus MLB '08: The Show Preview and FaceBreaker Exclusive. The Insiders talk possible game franchise sequels and GT TV talk with Microsofts Larry Hryb better known as Major Nelson.

Also GT TV preview Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and find out what typical gamers are excited about in 2008.

And lastly blood splatters as they get a look at Ninja Gaiden 2 and GT TV industry insiders wrap up their thoughts about 08.

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TheExecutive3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Lol... the ps3 will outsell the 360 for one month this year. It already did that in January so, is he saying that the 360 is going to outsell the ps3 for the rest of 2008? What planet do these guys live on? These predictions are retarded. When was the last time the ps3 had a good shooter... hmm let me think.

Sorry, but only xbox fanboys believe that the 360 will even be close to the ps3 this year in sales.

ThaGeNeCySt3758d ago

I believe the predictions they were making were for NA sales only since the only "official" hardware trackers are NPD (NA) & Media Create (Japan)

sonarus3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

i honestly cnt wait for mgs to drop. Its funny how they say mgs4 is only for the fanboys but every single 360 owner wants it. that old line is jst to pathetic. MGS4 will sell ps3's if you arnt buying your ps3 to play mgs4 then you are missing out plain and simple. The metal gear onlines strength would also play a significant role in the console. Hopefully that plays great as well. But there is no game as big story wise (at least this yr). Jst because its exclusive to ps3 dnt dwn play its importance. killzone 2 may get avg reviews but dnt dwnplay its importance. as long as its reviews arent crap the hype behind it is enough to push 2 million. Its quite clear than there is still that misconception that ps3 is in trouble and 360 is wiping the floor with them when in reality... 360 is selling less and they are all out of their big guns.
sony has too may "yish" titles hahaha. as compared to who nintendo or msoft. sony's lineup eats 360 line up 3 times over.
i also love how he says 360 dosent need a huge lineup this yr at least admitting the lineup is crap. what a 360 fanboy. Only hope 360 has at this point is gta4 and how the console sales for that game are split. Msoft will go with the cheaper and exclusive content sony has to show gamers if you pay extra you get a blu ray player plus these other exclusive games.

cellypower3758d ago

I just stopped watching when Marcus Beer said not a chance is MGS4 is GOTY material. Then he said "sony needs a Halo or a Gears of War, that's what Sony needs and MGS4 is not it."

SurferDude3758d ago

Yeah Americans are very ethnocentric. I swear to god they think that they are the only ones that matter. If you listen to the podcast they mention territories outside of the US ONCE. However, the majority of consoles EVERY generation are sold outside of the U.S. The original halo was cool. The 3rd halo was made for suckers to lap up, it wasnt that good! Gears of War wasnt that great either. These retards need to understand that the country they live in isnt the only place in the universe.

sonarus3758d ago

lol didnt even hear him say that but that guy is a clown. he also goes on to say msoft dosent need a great line up this yr. mgs4 has pre orders dating from a full yr. And all gamers agree thats the system that will turn them to buy a ps3. yet they still claim mgs4 is jst for the fanboys

LevDog3758d ago

These guys are major xbox fans.. All the games they said were good for xbox is all stuff thats on ps3 besides halo wars(yippie Not).. Halo Gears of war.. for one Halo 3 was crap way overrated shooter.. I mean if you like playing games at walking speed then sweet.. Gears was cool but not fantastic.. PS3 needs shooters hmm guess RFOM was just garbage then.. Killzone 2 Resistance 2 Lil big plantet Socom Twisted Metal black 2 MGS4 Home all excluvisves and all games that will beat Halo 3 and Gears.. I dont understand review people that back a system with only a 5 year life span.. XBOX STILL DEVS GAMES ON STANDARD DVD.. HAHA I MEAN COME ON.. THERE IS NO HD FUTURE THERE...AND CHEAPER ITS 50 BUCKS LESS AND YOU DONT GET HD MOVIES OR WIFI YOU HAVE TO BUY BATTERIES FOR THE CONTORLLERS AND TO PLAY ONLINE.. Ps3 80g(before they stopped making it) 499$ HDMI standard BLu ray standard.. Online free.. Controllers rechargable .. Xbox elite 450 Online 50 HDDVD (pointless now) 129 wifi 100 for a grand total of 730 bucks plus the chance of a RROD and the cost of batteries.. Hmm Theres a real review.. Go ahead click agree