Resident Evil 6 Is Currently The Worst-Reviewed Main Game Of The Entire Series

After an initially-positive critical reception, Resident Evil 6 has now come in for a real pasting from various prominent video game sites – leaving it with an Xbox360 Metacritic average of just 68.

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Bumpmapping2143d ago

All the negative reviews seem dead on to me.QTES are not even enjoyable they are a chore boring and uninspired as well with the shooting mechanics.Only enjoyment I get is watching the cutscenes.

blitz06232143d ago

It's not because QTEs are boring, it's the way they were handled by the game. Uncharted, God of War, Heavy Rain all handled QTEs very well and won't be the good games they are now if QTEs were removed from their gameplay.

Nimblest-Assassin2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

I usually hate metacritic and all... but holy shit is the user score on this game jaw-dropping


I have never seen a score that low before

Capcom... this is a wake up call

Hell, revelations should have been RE6

Just do what you did with revelations, and the game would do better

Cam9772143d ago

Haha, I turned the demo off whilst playing Leon 's campaign. The camera was abysmal to say the least and the ability to kick zombies annoyed me. In addition, the horror element - it failed.
Me: "Oh no! A zombie which appears to dead lying in front of me, I sure hope this zombie doesn't come to life"
* zombie stands up on second trip*
Me: "how unexpected!"

No wonder this game failed.

Lucretia2143d ago

camera is abysmal yet for some SUPER odd reason people loved the old crap camerra from RE1....Im confused

Carl_Shocker2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

... because it added to the gameplay

Not knowing what was round the corner was terrifying, for example when a hunter would just sprint round them, scare the crap out of you and attack before you get the chance to react.

If you've played them and enjoyed them for what they were at the time you would know this

Cam9772143d ago

Yes, he explained it well. It feels clunky when I have to turn the character's body to look around in a TPS whereas the original camera was fine.

CalvinKlein2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

the camera back then was needed for the pre-rendered backgrounds. There is no way the old re games on ps1 could change camera angles.

That is why the controls were like that, so you could maintain control of your character as the pre-rendered backgrounds changed.

Also this is an action game now, and it is stuck in the early 2000s in term of design. If you want to be an action game then people will complain if it has crappy controls, crappy shooting, crappy cover, crappy animations, etc.

the first RE came out in 1996 on ps1 with pre-rendered backgrounds. RE6 is a crappy action game in 2012 with full 3d environments and crap camera. Nice try tho, RE 6 sucks.

Philoctetes2143d ago

Glad to see this one getting ripped. Critics went too easy on RE5, but better late than never.

Cam9772143d ago

I don't like to admit this, but so do I.

HebrewHammer2143d ago

I smell a reboot starting on next-gen systems.

Let's get it right this time, eh Capcom?

FarCryLover1822143d ago

Nah....RE7 will come. With no improvement.

FunAndGun2143d ago

5 friends stumble onto a mansion.

1 gets killed, 1 gets taken.

You play the game from the perspective of the 3 remaining friends with their own paths and discoveries of horror.

No machine guns, No previous characters, Just you and a scattered group of friends in a creepy mansion trying to escape.

Could be choose your own adventure type with different outcomes on who survives.

make it a prequel.

Lucretia2143d ago

you know....this reminds me of DMC4

everyone wanted it to fail, everyone hated it, then we got the New DMC made by westerners and people were begging for DMC4 to come back.

watch what happens next

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