Resident Evil 6 Video Game Review (BioGamer Girl)

"Capcom's Resident Evil 6 easily became one of the most eagerly anticipated video games of all-time. The sequel gives players three different campaigns of five chapters each as part of the game's main storyline plus a fourth unlockable campaign of similar length. Gameplay in Resident Evil 6 has also been dramatically overhauled to give each campaign its own unique style and make the game more easily accessible from a controls standpoint than ever before. With plenty of new characters, enemies, bosses and several gripping storylines that eventually intertwine, Capcom's newest release will definitely give fan's their money's worth and provides the best Resident Evil experience ever."

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ShinraE52145d ago

I think this MAY BE the highest score I have seen for this game on the internet and seems way off base from the ones I have been seeing.

To each their own and reviews are opinions, I get that. But the opinion of "biogamergirl" seems to be VERY different than that of the general gaming community.

gamernova2145d ago

I've seen a handful for 10s actually. I've seen low scores too though.

Knight_Crawler2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

(Face Palm) This why girls will never be taken serius in the gaming community.

10/10 Flawless perfect game with not a thing wrong with it -_-

Edit: I am not being sexist but 10/10?

Stretch2145d ago

The ratings system is all messed up nowadays. I fear that the general consensus in just "I liked it, so 10 out of 10".

Knight_Crawler2145d ago

@Stretch - the site gave Protype 2 a 9/10 and Dark Siders 2 a 7/10...I am not saying that Darksiders was worth a 9 but if your going to give it a 9 why not give Dark Siders a 9 as well? Hell just give everyone a 10 and call it that.

yesmynameissumo2145d ago

"Capcom's newest release will definitely give fan's their money's worth and provides the best Resident Evil experience ever."

I fully intend on playing RE6, but this statement makes me wonder if they've ever played a RE game.

SageHonor2145d ago

Nah they're probably just trying to stand out amiss the mixed reviews. Just tryna get their hits

wastedcells2145d ago

Ya that's a crazy statement. Even if you really love this game to say its the best ever is hard to understand. Then again a lot of gamers jumped in at RE4 or even 5.

GearSkiN2145d ago

So many mixed reviews that prettu much says it all...

Ben_Grimm2145d ago

Wow a perfect score eh? That was very nice of the biogamergirl.

maniacmayhem2145d ago

Maybe a little too nice. I have this game on gamefly, renting this game is the only way I'll trust current RE games.

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The story is too old to be commented.