Madden NFL 13 Exclusive: success, next year's game, Wii U and next-generation

Here is an in-depth look at Madden NFL 13 with the game's Executive Producer Roy Harvey. He took sometime with to discuss this year's game, its success, what the team was expecting and what changes they will be making to the game going forward.

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NYC_Gamer2115d ago

I can't wait until the exclusive deal is finished

WiiUalpha2114d ago

Why? They will just resign it like they did last time.

NYC_Gamer2114d ago

I have some hope that 2K will return to making NFL games again

1upgamer992115d ago

I wish they would have just pushed the Wii U version back a month or two, cause I know its going to suck this time around.

KMCROC2114d ago

Maybe the Wii U should have released a few month earlier, i see no reasons for games needing to delay it self especially for one system when there are three other systems with a huge established fan base waiting for this game already.

ninjabake2114d ago

Hopefully they take their time time with the next Gen jump this time around.