Molyneux Doesn't 'Give A Damn' About Console Power

NowGamer: Peter Molyneux isn't concerned with the Xbox 720 and PS4, he's more interested in the computers in your pocket.

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1upgamer992181d ago

This guy is a JOKE...I have a tablet, and smart phone. I don't want to sit and play my games on them for hours though. I still prefer to sit on my nice chair, with my 55inch 1080p full surround sound on and play my games. The really funny thing about this idiot is now he says he could care less about how powerful the consoles are, yet he was one of the first to completely rip Nintedo Wii U, and said that the console had less power than the 360 which has since then been proven completely FALSE. Fable was less than epic IMO although I respect those who do love the titles I found them to have too many glitches.

Dailynch2181d ago

I think you're slightly missing the point. You can hardly call him an idiot. He's created some of the best, not to mention most ambitious, games of this gen and last. You haven't even played his latest game and you're already damning him because of a media reputation. Get over yourself, the man's a great developer.

Dovahkiin2181d ago

He is a great developer, he just needs to get his act together. I.E make Fable 4 and make it amazing. He has it in him, he just needs to stick to traditional gaming values, and make it much longer than the last 2.

ZeroX98762181d ago

I played the three fables and I can tell you that he's been on decline for quite a while (my opinion).
Fable 1>Fable 2>Fable 3....
Fable 1 was a masterpiece, a model.
the rest after that, well wasn't bad per say, but I found the first Fable WAY better than the other ones.

True about him saying the wii U is not powerful enough, he just contradicted himself.

1upgamer992181d ago

I call him an idiot, because in this article he states He could care less about power of consoles, yet tore Nintendo a new one three months ago for Wii U being "Under Powered" even though He had not worked on it and the specs were not released and since then It has been shown the Wii U is more powerful than the PS3, and in my comment I said "Fable was less than Epic IMO although I respect those who do love the Titles"

rodiabloalmeida2181d ago

Nobody (with rare exceptions) gives a damn about what Peter Molyneux thinks about anything in todays day. Sad but true.

skyward2181d ago

Now's the time to START listening to him. Developed some milestone games and is no longer under pressure to tow the corporate line. He's made small and massive games.

He's seen both sides of the industry - so his knowledge alone makes him worth listening to, even if you don't agree with what he says.

ZeroX98762181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I like My games to be immersive, but no smartphone games have yet to give me that thrill most console or PC games gives me.

My main problem on tablets and smartphone are the inputs. I HATE touch screen controls like anything else. and No, putting buttons and joysticks on a touch screen is only borrowing the great controls a gamepad gives us(or keyboard and mouse for you PC gamers). for me, touch screen controls are the worse controls you could ever give to me. I want to be able to play games with fast and responsive controls.

1upgamer992181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

He created 5 Fable games, 3 Black and white games, and 2 Movies games in the last 10 years. I personally didn't care for all but 3 out of 10 games....Sure in the 90's he had some GREAT games, but not so much since then, and those great games are over 12 years ago. So I feel his time of being even close to great is more than Likely over. I will try Fable 3 as I have TRIED to like the Fable games, but so far no go. Even Reviews of MOST of his games in the last decade (I did not say all) are less than great.

skyward2180d ago


yeah, and now he doesn't work at MS or on Fable - exciting times, right?

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yesmynameissumo2181d ago

Or replayability or fun or cohesion or gameplay or story telling or ...

WiiUalpha2181d ago

Consoles will one day fit in your pocket. Most people here seem to be under the impression when people talk about mobile devices taking over that they are taking over in their current state. That is not the case at all. One day they will have proper buttons and one day will have the power to make great games.

BTW they don't need to be powerful to make good games. Good games have been made since the start of video games and we didnt have multi core processors til a few years ago. They just need a proper input method and output to a larger display and they can better compete with consoles of tomorrow.

madjedi2180d ago

Right and how long will the pocket console, last on it's internal batteries.

To speak nothing of cooling or storage space, it's a cute idea, but maybe in 20 yrs it will be realistically possible. Because you need completely different components vs todays, current pc setup using old technology.

Oh yeah it has to be $300-400 at max. You know it's alot easier to misplace something like a ds or psp than a ps3 or 360. Just because you can make it a pocket size, isn't always a good thing.

20 yrs from now you will still likely see dedicated gaming pcs, and consoles that aren't iphones/pads. That is assuming we are able to overcome certain hurdles.

Sorry we aren't seeing quantum computers for regular consumer use anytime shortly after their construction.

WiiUalpha2180d ago

Where in my post did I claim it was coming soon? One day does not mean one day soon. Yes there are hurdles to overcome but they will overcome them.

I had to laugh at the part about needing completely different parts for pocket consoles than we use for PC.. What exactly do you think a smart phone is?

Again you are limiting yourself by thinking along todays standards for something that just isnt possible today but will be soon. A computer at one point took up an entire room and now we have calculaters that can fit in your pocket and run circles around those first PC and that was just in 50 or so years. No telling what will happen in the next 20. we may wear our PC in the future, we just don't know but you cannot limit the tech of tomorrow based off the limits today.

madjedi2179d ago

Your preaching to the choir buddy. It doesn't change the fact it still sounds like a stupid idea. Verses a dedicated home system.

And yet your saying hello stupid what do you think a smartphone is. It's still based off inefficient hardware that uses too much power and runs too hot for the purpose your trying to describe.

That is what needs new components, the industry needs to shift to making cooler more efficient components than just more powerful ones. Add batterys not designed for standards 10 or more years ago.

Good games and powerful consoles, are both subjective terms. But yeah, no one said it was all top end or get out.

" They just need a proper input method and output to a larger display and they can better compete with consoles of tomorrow." Right and if todays $250 consoles versus $800 iphone 5 or $600 ipad 3 is any indication, it will be a luxury of a luxury.

Look up graphene being used in electronics or better yet read michio kaku's physic's of the future(i believe), it provides a glimpse of some future technologies we could one day see.

Not interested in a all digital wireless future atm, check back in 15-20 yrs

WiiUalpha2178d ago

You are trying to justify how things will work tomorrow by how they work today... I tried to make it plan and simple in my first post that I was talking about in the FUTURE.
Obviously you are too limited to be able to comprehend what is being said. I will try one last time but I have a feeling any argument you come back will still be based off of tech limits today without the ability to understand those limits wont be there 10-20 years from now. Just like how Smart phones were not possible 20 years ago...

"Not interested in a all digital wireless future atm, check back in 15-20 yrs" Again in your ignorance you for what ever reason cannot comprehend that I am not talking about today. I am talking about 10-20 years from now and you comment back check back in 15 years... You truly do not understand what is being said at all

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