The Wii U launch lineup, compared to prominent game system launches of our not-so-distant past


You know, it's easy to forget, in these godlessly offensive modern days, how bad gamers actually used to have it when it came to console launches. The Wii U is gonna launch with twenty-three games, many of which co-exist as major installments of bigtime franchises happily among the piles of worthless spew-ware. A new Mario? Ninja Gaiden, Assassin's Creed, Tekken, Black Ops 2, Darksiders, Batman? No man could even play all these damned things with any amount of timeliness. Who needs it!

Alas, to say that the Wii U launch line­up is fan­tas­tic would seem most­ly to be preach­ing to a choir that has been singing its prais­es for a while now. I can't say I've heard too much poo-poo­ing going on when it comes on down to it. What the line­up re­al­ly got me cu­ri­ous about was the ini­tial launch­es of sys­tems back in the day—most specif­i­cal­ly , their Japan­ese re­leas­es. And let me tell you, they were gen­er­al­ly Not Pret­ty.

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Gr812177d ago

Nintendo can turn Wii U into a spiritual successor to the SNES I'd be very happily surprised. What a great console.

But on topic, Wii U does have a strong launch lineup, one of the strongest ever actually. But seeing as I never buy anything at launch, I'm more interested in the other games in the pipeline a year or so AFTER launch.

We will see.

ElectricKaibutsu2176d ago

I can't believe Super Mario Bros. was released two years after the Famicom was launched in Japan. That's a long wait for a good game.

2176d ago
GoldenGamer2176d ago

It's a great launch window and I do want one but I'm not really interested in buying games I've already completed months back. I'm still looking for something killer to compliment Zombie U to completely pull me in.

from the beach2176d ago

I think launches with one great, iconic game (Super Mario 64, Halo, Wii Sports) are always more memorable than ones where there's simply a huge selection to pick from.

As far as Wii U goes, I've narrowed down my day one buys to NSMBU and obviously the pack-in Nintendo Land, and I'm really looking forward to both.

... also, Altered Beast is a kickass game.

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