Top 10: Most memorable bosses in the Metal Gear Solid series – Part Two

Not long ago, I went through the first five of this top ten, introducing the first half of what have been to me some of my most memorable moments in gaming. What follows is the conluding half of that list – of the bosses that stand out among all the others in one of the craziest series videogames has to offer.

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-GametimeUK-2112d ago

Psycho Mantis is number 1 for me every time. I had to plug my controller in to port 2. WHAT THE FRICK?!

nrvalleytime2112d ago

Yep. When he started talking about Wind Waker while I was fighting him, I literally yelled for my dad to come into the room and see how awesome my Gamecube was.

I was young, but I don't think any boss fight has matched that one. The End comes close for me, but this one is still the best.

Whitefox7892112d ago

When Kojima was making MGS1 he got yelled at for doing stuff like that and having Meryl's Codec Frequency on the Package (though I don't know why they would mind it on MGS1 since they did the same thing with MG2: Solid Snake on the MSX mind you the box was cardboard so don't throw it away!).

Summons752112d ago

Liquid Ocelot battle from MGS4 was just beautiful. So intense but after four games and all the character development all leading up to that one point was just breathe taking.

Irishguy952112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

MGS has the best boss battles...along with...Kingdom hearts 1(seriously, I thought this games regular battles were boring and sucked and then thought the boss battles were some of the best in the industry)

Then there is Zelda series/ And Mario/ And Monster hunter//

TheMutator2112d ago

meeeh every boss in every Metal Gear is memorable!!!