The Gaming Vault Hands-On: DmC - Devil May Cry (Xbox 360)

To say that The Gaming Vault were chomping at the bit to ascertain the quality of Ninja Theory’s take on The Adventures Of Dante, would be somewhat of understatement; doubly so given the ludicrously kneejerk and generally ignorant reactions the game has received since its announcement.

This site can happily report then that the more reasonable of you who harbour doubts about the game and have long since gotten over ‘that look’, will have your worries assuaged; on the evidence of the Eurogamer Expo demo, Ninja Theory appear to be ample custodians of the IP, turning out a seemingly superlative entry in the series.

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DragonKnight2182d ago

*Facepalm* I have decided to completely ignore thegamingvault's opinion on this game thanks to the use of ‘that look’ in this article. Anyone who thinks it's about ‘that look’ are ignorant and don't deserve to have their opinion considered.

zerocrossing2182d ago

Apparently, anyone who has something negative to say about DmC automatically gets thrown into the "Stop whining you pathetic fanboy! who cares about the look?!" crowd, regardless of any valid argument.

Is there ANY wonder why we got tired of wasting our breath? never mind this game will bomb anyway, the fans where the ones keeping the franchise alive.

It's not just the look...

DragonKnight2182d ago

I completely agree with you. This game showed us all a lot about the state of the industry in relation to what developers think of fans, and how easily they can gain apologizers to dismiss all real concerns that real fans have. It continued to showcase the poor state of gaming journalism and cemented the fact that the only real way to gain any results isn't voicing your opinion, but not purchasing subsequent games.

The fact that real concerns and real arguments are being dismissed as having a problem with the appearance of the protagonist is pretty insulting and it's no wonder that people have resorted to saying that they hope the game bombs in sales. I really can't blame people for that sentiment considering the apologizers and the complete sense of disdain coming from Ninja Theory and Capcom towards fans of the series.

Bimkoblerutso2182d ago

Yes, the author does, in fact, go into the gameplay and the character of Dante apart from his looks.

It's almost as if you only read the excerpt up there, but I know that can't be true. That couldn't possibly be the case.

DragonKnight2182d ago

Completely irrelevant. The author made a flip remark about the concerns many have about the game. Their review of the game doesn't negate the fact that they took a stab at people saying that the concerns really boil down to Dante's look. contributed to the idea that those of us with genuine concerns about the game are nuts and should be ignored, an attitude shared by the developers and their apologizers and the very reason no one takes fan concerns seriously.

Bimkoblerutso2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

I don't see that it's irrelevant at all. If you had read any of it, you would have seen that he addresses almost all of the concerns that have been floating around. The look of Dante isn't even a focal point of the article.

But whatever. After what? Six or so months of generally positive feedback from publications both large and small all over the internet, what else can anyone say to deter you "true" fans from your noble crusade? I for one, am ready to at least give the game the benefit of a doubt. If it's still terrible after I play it? Fine.

DragonKnight2181d ago

I've already explained myself 3 times, I'm not doing it again. Funny, zerocrossing made the exact right statement in this situation.

"Is there ANY wonder why we got tired of wasting our breath?"

Doesn't matter what we say, any time this game is brought up the first thing that people use to be dismissive and tell fans to shut up is that the fans have a problem with the look.