3 Things Sony Needs To Do To Save The PS Vita

Erik Kain:

As far as I’m concerned, the PS Vita is a marvelous piece of hardware that’s packed with all sorts of awesome gaming potential.

But if I were asked to unpack the previous sentence and find the most important word, I’d go with “potential.”

This is because however excellent the Vita may be it still isn’t selling very well.

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GribbleGrunger2057d ago

Somebody tell me if these three reasons are different from the reasons given in the other hundreds of articles like this, because I just can't be bothered to look

Vitalogy2057d ago

Couldn't put it any better. I didn't knew the Vita was "drowning", or "getting burned" into a fire, or "getting pushed off" of a rooftop, etc.. Why would it need to be saved?

You aren't getting hits from me sir.

greenpowerz2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

Sony needs to redesign vita. Strip all the expensive hardware and lower the price. They also need change the cosmetics, need to drop the manchild look and make something that matches what is in a women's purse or a kids backpack. It's amazing Sony made this mistake with PS3 then does the same with vita. Now Sony has to strip features/hardware like PS3.

Casuals are the only demo that even cares about handhelds, what casual is going to spend close to half a grand for a handheld after a couple of games and memory? Huge bulky manchild devices only loyal fanboys would buy is a joke.

Can you picture a office working woman single or soccer Mom breaking out a Vita after work, playing uncharted *and not* a DS playing brain age?

Casuals as a whole don't even care about handhelds only women and children care and for that money parents would most likely buy console instead for the kids.

The novelty of handhelds is over among core teen/adult gamers, the only people/reason casuals buy them is because they don't want to own consoles. Cellphones caters to all other needs

GribbleGrunger2057d ago

If casuals are the only demographic that would buy a Vita then why is it that the majority of Vita owners also own a PS3? And strip features? Make it look like a 'purse' or a 'kids backpack'? In internet vernacular: 'Are you for real?'

BitbyDeath2057d ago

So either you are a woman/child that wants more support from Sony or you came to the wrong site and hate gaming?

Which is it?

Outside_ofthe_Box2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

***"Sony needs to redesign vita. Strip all the expensive hardware and lower the price."***

I have got to give you credit here. You are the first person that I have personally seen that has said Sony needs to take away the expensive components from the Vita and lower the price.

So many ignorant individuals want the Vita to remain the powerful tech that it is, but just with a lower price.

I commend you. I don't agree with you, but I do commend you.

cashrell11712057d ago

Sony is going to have to pull a nintendo...lower the price to a solid 199, free month of playstation plus, and creat an embassitors buyers 10 free psp or Psn Games....that would be incredible

Yea i know i spelled it wrong, so wat

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RubyToTheMax2057d ago

The only thing people need to focus on, is save their money to buy a PSVita.

zebramocha2057d ago

I'm disagreeing with resi 6 not a port of resident evil,maybe a resi revelation remix.

boybato2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

the vita has the ULtimate zombie game as of the moment... Plants vs. zombies.

oopps double post.

boybato2057d ago

the vita has the ULtimate zombie game as of the moment... Plants vs. zombies.

Yodagamer2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

I just think it needs a couple mainstream games, call of duty (even though it's gonna be complete crap) and assassins creed should get alot sells, if not i honestly think, as much as i love sony, the handheld is kinda just dead in the water.

Ju2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

I don't really care. The Vita is exactly what I wanted. I don't care if everybody else wants a "SuperDS". I don't! I want a portable console, and this is it. And I want portable console games. Is this so hard to understand? If it doesn't sell in the millions I can't care less, as long as we get the games.

I too hope AC3 Liberation will sell and show studios that quality titles can be successful so others will follow. Man, how often was I at the point I wanted to take Rage and keep playing it on the "go". Hey, id, re-release that for the Vita (doesn't the engine run on iOS?)

Soldierone2057d ago

Vita is da doomed! Write articles as fast as possible before it turns out to not be doomed like the PS3! lol

Coming from Forbes, expect to see "10 Reasons Why We Want To Get Raped By Apple"

dcbronco2057d ago

I think the doom articles are being written because Sony expected to sell 12-14 million Vitas in the first year. The first year is almost up and they have a little ways to go to hit those numbers. So some believe it is doomed because it won't come close to those numbers and a big chunk of Sony's projected profit for the year might have been based on that 12-14 million sells number.

And people should stop demanding more advertising. TV ads are really expensive and Sony doesn't have a lot of money laying around to use for that. Not going to happen.

Ju2057d ago

It's Sony. What you expect? These articles will keep coming. No matter what. I'm almost worried that they don't do that for the PS3 any more...

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