Far Cry 3: Six Ways It Will Test Your Sanity

Far Cry 3 returns to the franchise’s roots by replacing the African setting of the second game with tropical islands reminiscent of the original Far Cry. The move doesn’t seem to be a step back, though, as Far Cry 3 looks to improve on everything that made the previous installment such a success. Here’s a small dose of what you can expect to test your limits during your time when Far Cry 3 releases on December 4th.

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josephayal2178d ago

In my opinion, Far Cry 3 will be much better than Far Cry and Far Cry 2

GamerSciz2178d ago

What's still upsetting to me is how Far Cry 2 and 3 are at all related to the original Far Cry. It's like they are just using the name to sell it. Regardless, Far Cry 3 looks interesting so far. I want to try it myself though. A demo perhaps.

BattleAxe2178d ago

Ok, but did you really think the mutants were cool? The graphics in the first game were great, but the character models for the mutants looked terrible. The voice acting was pretty poor too.

GamerSciz2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )


The first FarCry came out in 2004 ( The recommended requirements was windows 2k for pete's sake. Of course the models were going to look crappy. Even the graphics today aren't bad but they are nothing to write home about but again that was 8 YEARS ago. I am just saying to call this a "Far Cry" franchise is so far fetched considering none of the three games share anything in common other then being similar gameplay elements (i.e. open world).

I just don't want people looking at Far Cry 2 or 3 and base the series off of it. Far Cry was one of the first true open world games on a gorgeous looking big island. Story was ok but the gameplay was awesome. Especially for it's time.

kma2k2178d ago

I cant be the only one who hates driving in FP can I? I finish 95% of the games I start someimtes i have to force myself to, but the driving in FC2 just made me give up. The shoting aspects were fun, the game was fun. I just HATED the driving!

Tctczach2178d ago

Really? The driving didn't seen to bad. If you were to complain about anything I would have guessed it would have benn the Malaria.

wastedcells2178d ago

I think this games looks great, was kinda pissed playing far cry 2 and hated something's about it but this game looks to have learned from the response to 2.. Im all over this day one.