OXM US: The Quarter System

OXM US writes:

"What does a quarter mean to you? Growing up, it meant a couple of things. On the monetary side, it's a measly 25 cents - not enough to buy anything important except a multi-colored bouncy ball or plastic jewelry from the supermarket vending machines. On the other hand, it meant every time I stepped into a videogame arcade, it was my ticket to compete against the gaming elite. All I did was place that metallic circle on the bottom of the screen to show all the spectators I was next to play."

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ThatArtGuy3756d ago

Aaah... the good ol' days. Rummaging couches and searching laundry for the magical circles I could use to get my video gaming fix.

Pacman, Donkey Kong, Robotron 2084...

I remember when people had heart attacks when they learned that Dragon's Lair was 50 cents.