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4 Terrible Things About PC Gaming

"A few weeks ago, I wrote an enthusiastic piece about the games I was looking forward to playing on my new PC. This, however, is the complete antithesis to that upbeat article. This is the depressing Yang to the light and happy Yin I spewed all over the internets.

"I am going to point out some cold, hard truths that the PC Fanboys out there might dislike." (Culture, PC)

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TrendyGamers  +   1151d ago
Great picture!
dedicatedtogamers  +   1150d ago
Seems like this person is new to PC gaming.

The PS3 and 360 have proven that hackers can be just as prevalent in popular games. He uses the example of DayZ, a popular MOD. You're mad that a mod is getting hacked? Be grateful you can even HAVE mods on PC
2. You be missing drivers
Drivers have been a part of PC gaming since...forever, and it's not that big of a deal. It can sometimes be a pain for about 3% of PC games out there, but mostly for older games. The author's example sounds like he has a crap PC.
3. Where's the space?
Isn't the same true for consoles and (lol) smartphones? At least PCs have an easy option to add more space. Yes, PC games are big but the advantage is that you usually don't have to hassle with discs. And guess what? Transfer those big games you're not playing to your big data drive then transfer them back when you're actually going to play them. Easy.
4. Defective parts
Yeah, that NEVER happens to consoles. Wasn't there this one..oh... I forget... "Red Ring" fiasco? At least on PC you can swap the part instead of the whole system.
Rageanitus  +   1150d ago
Agreed.... its the same excuses apple users say when talking about PC's yes its more open but the problems only occur when the USER messes around
Rageanitus  +   1150d ago
Agreed.... its the same excuses apple users say when talking about PC's yes its more open but the problems only occur when the USER messes around.

Just like spyware on your computer
T900  +   1150d ago
"Great Picture"

I think its misconception created by the media. Tbh ever since the advent of Windows 7, PCs in general have been darn stable.

I have had Windows 7 installed on some of my PC since launch day, there yet hasnt been a crash, its that darn stable, Nvm a format and a reinstall.

I think PCs over time have gotten to be very user friendly, While its rather the consoles that have become a headache(ill explain later).

The article complains about:

Hacks- Its funny they mention hacks then criticize the PC, Its PC gaming that has dedicated servers which may be used to ban hackers. Rathers its consoles where users have no control over whom to ban or do anything in this matter.

Missing drivers- About the only driver that needs a update every odd month is the Graphics driver. Which too isnt a requirement. It may be done at your leisure. Its simular to getting a firmware update on consoles. Yet on consoles if a firmware update comes, you are bound to take that update before you can play. Its like a requirement on you. With PC you may do an update at your will.

Where did all the space go? - Seriously if anything its the consoles that come fitted with very small hard drives and are much limited in this aspect than the PC. In fact its the PC that can be equipped with multiple hard drives to overcome the Space issue, good luck getting that even on the next gen consoles lol.

Tower Critical- Personally if cooled well PC parts can last a very long time. One of my PCs is 4 years old now I bought the original I7 back in 2008. Its darn more reliable than a console. In this day and age its the consoles that generally die within 2-3 years then need to be completely replaced(hello RROD, YLOD). Whats good about PC a single part goes bad you can get it replaced on warranty no need to throw away the entire box. PSU went bad, get a replacement with your warranty, GPU went bad again if there is warranty use it. PC parts generally have 5 year warranties. Good luck getting those on consoles.

I think most of the points mentioned on the article are rather baseless and are infact better on the PC than on any other machine, be it even consoles.
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TopDudeMan  +   1151d ago
Yeah, it's still totally worth it, regardless.
Blackdeath_663  +   1151d ago
yeah i agree. as long term solution its definitely worth it besides most of those problems are non existant if you know what you are doing. one thing that boggles my mind is that many console gamers also have a laptop/desktop or some other form of pc why dont they just get a gaming pc that can do all those things at the same time! while my only issue with pc gaming is the cost if you look at the bigger picture its actually also much cheaper.
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vulcanproject  +   1150d ago
Never been easier to get into PC gaming. Gone are the days of driver hunting for the most part, so many things are simplified. Obviously PC gaming isn't as easy or as fast even now to initially use as a console, but once the time and effort has been put into creating the machine it......is.

I have had a stable machine for a very long time now and it has been forever since i have done anything but update the graphics drivers, which are automatically found for me and a few clicks gets them updated!

As for broken hardware then sure, anything can break.

The difference is with a PC you only have to replace the broken piece. I have had broken consoles which have been replaced then i have to jump through those DRM hoops too!

Added to the fact that most quality PC parts have impressive warranties. I have had many components that have 'lifetime' warranties, including graphics cards. Most of the parts however actually have a 3 year warranty.

I have already had 2 broken PS3s, which I forked out over 100 quid to fix, and about 5 broken 360s since it launched.

Using broken hardware is hardly a good argument in favour of console IMO....
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decrypt  +   1150d ago

Console gamers... dont care about graphics, its why Wii is the number one selling console this gen.

Hell even the PS3, 360 gamers may think they are playing on some high end hardware but really they are just playing on 6 year old locked down PCs.

In regards to the thread. My youngest brother who's 13 years old now, plays only on the PC. He plays games like:

BF3, TF2, Red Orchestra.

Guess what he was 11 years old when i got him his first PC. He hardly ever has a problem with his PC in regards to drivers or any sort of trouble shooting. I guess people complaining on N4G either have the IQ below that of an 11 year old's or simply haven't given PC gaming a serious try, Personally i think in most cases its the latter.
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Anon1974  +   1151d ago
Maybe it's worth it for you, but all these reasons just eventually made me shrug and give up on PC gaming years ago. Over the years I've had multiple dead videocards, RAM, drives, power supplies and motherboards. I've fought countless hours over decades of PC gaming with drivers. As a father of two, my gaming time is limited these days. I'll be damned if I'm going to waste a minute of my gaming time tweaking settings or fiddling with drivers or upgrading hardware. That's what I love about consoles. The sheer convenience of it.

If I was a young man with nothing but time on my hands, I'd probably still be into PC gaming but for me the pros don't even come close to outweighing the cons. This article is right on the money.

Edit: I just read wynams comment below. I'm in the exact same boat. I'm a tech guy, a developer, a programmer. It's not a matter of being computer illiterate. I did the PC gaming thing, now I just don't have the time or inclination. Once I went consoles, it was just heaven for me. My PS3 with PSN+, my Vita and my 360, I'm an extremely satisfied gamer. And on top of it, the majority of games I want to play are on consoles, with many never seeing PC release.
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Norrison  +   1151d ago
Seriously, those problems are non existent for every PC gamer I know. If you knew what you're doing when building a PC and installing your programs, you wouldn't get a single problem
R6ex  +   1151d ago
Like darkride66, I'm giving up PC gaming once PS4 arrives.

Having ditched the consoles for a powerful gaming rig, my quality gaming experience disappeared. Frustration is what comes to mind every time I play game on the PC. I don't like the keyboard. Its troublesome to map keys on the Aimon PS Elite. Not all games can be played on the Xbox Wireless controller. Drivers get screwed up. Firmware gets corrupted. No sound. Difficult to lay back on the couch with the mouse etc. etc.

Sure. The PC's graphics rocks, but come PS4, I'm not going back to the PC for a good few years. As a busy working adult, time is really really precise. That 1 or 2 hours max of free time per day, must be quality. Consoles allow you to just power-up the system and play. Wasting the night on installation, drivers update, modifying settings etc. isn't exactly quality time.
Bolts  +   1150d ago
Like the poster above just said. Know WTF you're doing then you'll be just fine. I have never spend a night looking for drivers and tweaking my settings in a decade of PC gaming and this after playing some really bad release day turds. The recent Dead Island and Rage games come to mind.

But just like everyone else I'm waiting for the nextgen. BF 3 showed me that this gen of consoles are done for.
WiiUalpha  +   1150d ago
The only game I ever had issues with on my PC was Unreal 2k4. Other than that one single game I havent had issues with PC games since this millenium began. Yeah back in the days of Civ 2 or tiefighter maybe but those days are over...

Seems odd that so many people are just now bringing that up. Guess it's just a case of console gamers reading a complaint somewhere and running with it like its fact.

@Darkride, I've been a PC gamer for 25 years or more. In all that time I have only had 2 issues with my PCs. One had a modem fail and the other had a video card fail. You must not take very good care of your PC if you go through all those broken pieces.

My guess is you arent really a PC gamer at all or even old enough to be a father of 2. Your entire post sounds more like someone who just wants to pretend to be a PC gamer in order to justify your stance.You are taking things beyond the extreme of what reality is in your post.
krazeecain  +   1150d ago
Cool story bro.
MEsoJD  +   1150d ago
I grew up gaming on pc and consoles. That said, the last few years pc gaming has overshadowed my consoles. Hell I have Dark Souls(favorite ps3 game) in native 1080p running at 60fps through a simple mod. I think pc gaming has never been better. Also I don't buy the whole, it's too expensive argument. If a piece of hardware is slowing down, I just replace that part. The majority of users here use pcs so why not load up steam? To each his own and I still love console exclusives.
General Shrooms  +   1151d ago
Those are only problems if you are computer illiterate.
Vladplaya  +   1151d ago
Quote for the truth.

Except the cheaters, and even than, its not quite the PCs fault, but rather the company that makes the game, if they wanna do something about cheats, you won't run into cheaters very often at all. DayZ is a mod, so the guy can't even do anything about the cheats as he doesn't own ARMA's source code.

Either way, pointless articles is pointless, you have hard time with PC, stick with your console and be happy, while rest of the smart people would be enjoying superb gaming experiencing on their computers with minimal hassle, just because they can...
SnotyTheRocket  +   1151d ago
I love the games on PC, but hate the Community (most of it, anyway). I can't go through a round of BF3 without being accused of using "TEH 1337 hAx0rZ", it gets annoying.
frjoethesecond  +   1151d ago
Agree. Also hate the attitude of a lot of PC gamers that console players are ignorant peasants. The ones who shun one platform over another are the ignorant ones IMO.

All consoles and PC gaming master race FTW!!
TekoIie  +   1150d ago
I only play RTSes on PC but I ussually find very nice people :)

Probs because it's a team game sometimes.
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Irishguy95  +   1151d ago
There are two, the first is, lack of split screen
The second is...once you go Pc, it's hard to play on a console again

*Runs back to Cave
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The_KELRaTH  +   1151d ago
I enjoying gaming on both PS3 and PC. These days though it's the PS3 that will lock-up mid game requiring a reboot far far more than my PC. I've also had to replace 2 PS3's due to BR drive failures (MW2 texture streaming killed the 1st).
I've been a PC gamer for many years and over time issues with PC drivers, OS errors have reduced an awful lot but unfortunately there's been a big increase in poorly coded games that are released with little testing and cause issues with the PC and consoles too (can't comment on the 360 but there plenty of game issues on the PS3).
As for the article, I think it was highly exaggerated and just written to get attention.
gamernova  +   1151d ago
Such a whiner. PC gaming is awesome.
Mariusmssj  +   1151d ago
Well I found many things wrong about the article but I will only point out one.

You can have steam to install games into as many harddrives as you want.
IF you can't use it, that's a different matter all together http://upit.cc/i/c6f7362c.p...
CrustifiedDibbs  +   1151d ago
Steam mover is a handy program that lets you move steam games around with one click. I think this guy should have done some searching before his dumbass rant.
Mariusmssj  +   1151d ago
When I installed Torchlight 2 steam actually allowed me where to install the game. This article is lacking knowledge on few things.
LightofDarkness  +   1151d ago
Yeah, I use it all the time to move games to and from my SSD.
wynams  +   1151d ago
I was a diehard PC gamer from 1995 - 2008. Then as I had less money/time to troubleshoot and upgrade I shifted to consoles.

I am far from computer illiterate (I troubleshoot PCs for a living). I much prefer to spend my free time playing as opposed to tracking down a driver, or slapping a new heatsink/fan in, or upgrading an OS .... not a console fanboy, PC games look better and are typically much more moddable, are cheaper, etc.

So the trade off of lower resolution gaming is worth it to me, but ymmv depending on your $/time resources and bandwidth to troubleshoot PC problems.

One last plug for being pro-console ...I can trade in my games when I am done with them.
Mariusmssj  +   1151d ago
You make it sound like a PC breaks down on daily basis
wynams  +   1151d ago
I did not mean to imply that, rather that PCs need more maintenance than consoles.
dredgewalker  +   1150d ago
Yeah, been gaming on pc for years and I usually clean my current rig every 3 months so the dust won't accumulate. I don't really have much of a problem with maintenance since it's one thing you need to know how to do when you go pc gaming.
vortis  +   1151d ago
"PCs need more maintenance than consoles"?

You must not own an Xbox 360.
TekoIie  +   1150d ago
Elaborate... I have never done any maintanence on my 360 and it's working fine.
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Somebody  +   1151d ago
Yes, it is one last plug for being pro-console. Considering that both Sony and MS are trying to find ways to kill the used games trading business for next gen. Why do you think they have been shoving season passes and exclusive bonuses down your console throats all this time?
kesvalk  +   1150d ago
on the 5 years i had my wii, it broke 3 or 4 times...
on the 7 years i had my PC i only had to change my font once...

not even counting the indie community and mouse and keyboard, that would be overkill.
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GamerSciz  +   1151d ago
I started with computers when I was about 10. I remember AOL 3.0 being the first "internet". I never enjoyed/got into programming but I was a gamer from the get go. Since I liked computers early on I figured I would learn everything I could and took a bunch of classes in highschool then got my degree in Computer Science/IT. Now I work for a company as primary tech support and unless this is the new NBC show "Revolution"...I feel technology and the knowing of it will be a valuable asset for years time.

Anyways, the SSD's are a bit overrated in my opinion considering their high failure rate and being over priced. I mean, 30 seconds faster getting into a game (I can do without if I have to sacrifice that much storage space). I personally have a 2TB and I have 1.18 free. My STEAM folder is a little over 80gigs (Gamersciz is my STEAM name if you want to see what games I have). I also a have a few non-steam games but still.

Viruses and drivers is another issue but there are plenty of free low key AV that work just fine as long as your not an idiot and click on every plugin that you "NEED" to download or click links from emails of people you don't know. You just need to picky about what you click on and don't be trusting of even people you know. Easiest solution is if there is a link in an email and you don't want to click it...just google it. Something will probably come up either it being a virus or a legit site.

Now drivers on the other hand is probably the number one cause of gaming problems. Best thing to know is what graphics card you have and don't rely on the card software to keep you updated. If you are having issues with graphics, check out your cards manufacture site and see if you have the latest driver. 9 out 10 times it will solve your problem.

That's my 2 cents. Sorry for wall o' text.
Aggesan  +   1151d ago
Thing i dislike the most about pc gaming is the elitism in games. Never have I heard anyone dictate what I should do or how I should play like when I'm on my ps3, but I do all the time in pc gaming. It's like some people are playing not for fun but like it's their damn profession.
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Picnic  +   1151d ago
Right aggesan - it's the equivalent of discussing about board games with someone and they start spouting off about the type of cardboard that was used rather than about the game itself.
Bolts  +   1150d ago
This of course is but utter nonsense. Console gamers have been counting pixels and spend as much time comparing zoomed in screens as PC gamers. There was a time when the Xbots and PS3 fanboys waged daily war over useless crap like the "Power of Cell" and frame rates for years.

The reason you're not hearing it now is that at this point both consoles are crusty fossils and nobody gives a rats ass anymore.
JBSleek  +   1151d ago
More along the lines of 4 things wrong with my PC.
Mad_Mack  +   1151d ago
Well in my defense I can hardly write about things that are wrong with your PC
Picnic  +   1151d ago
Erm.. how about the obvious one that you can't play console exclusives on it, at least legally. That's a huge one to me. The console manufacturers take ages making some of their exclusives to be system sellers. People who make games for the PC have no such requirement to make a 'system seller'.
Bladesfist  +   1150d ago
Emulation is legal if you own the game, it just means we have to wait till the next generation before playing all your ps3 / xbox 360 exclusives.
dedicatedtogamers  +   1150d ago
There are plenty of "PC exclusives" that cannot be played on consoles, so your point is kind of...pointless.

The world of PC games is a shark pool. Each game has to stand on its own legs. When people get a console, there are pre-packaged games on the store shelf, staring them in the face. PC games don't have much (if any) store shelf space so companies rely on word of mouth and quality of product.
Eldyraen  +   1151d ago
I can see your point in some of the more frustrating issues--hackers especially but there are console hacks as well (but much harder to do and fewer people doing them). Hardware issues exist with every bit of tech to some degree or another though so it's not PC centric issue.

Drivers... I can definitely agree that they can be a pain (especially with first boot and for new users and/or features) but they can also get fixed/updated to add more performance independent from game updates so there is a trade off. Consoles have it much easier though as hardware variety isn't the problem (which is your point: going to one to the other can be frustrating).

Space issues though, if you have played either Xbox 360 or ps3, should had been a give in. Many games have optional or required installs on consoles and if you ever looked at their downloadable games' catalogues then 5gb+ is pretty much the norm on a "typical" console game. More wide open, varied, better looking games would naturally be a huge increase (DC universe for ps3 for an example is massive by console standards but is about normal or even small for modern PC games). It has more to do with consumer awareness than anything as every PC game has requirements on the box or in game description for online stores (it's been there for as long as I remember).

As I said I can see some of your points but HDD space is the least of the frustrating/confusing issues and every piece of software has clear requirements listed somewhere.
wynams  +   1151d ago
There is no universal right answer ... either the higher maintenance costs (time/$) of PC gaming is worth it to you or it isn't. Moving along ...
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1151d ago
lol he only found 4! Great platform!

Console problem list:

1) on disk dlc.
2) cod in every other shooter.
4)Hackers(if you don't buy the next cod)
5)paying for dlc that is free on pc(minecraft skins, some l4d content).
6)Horror genre dead.
7)Hardcore tactical shooter genre completely dead.
8)can't upgrade.
9)less innovative indie game.
10)take hardcore games and turn them more casual try to grab the cod crowd (like BF3 & ghost recon).
11) need aim assist.
12)no mods(user content)
13)downloading patches(on ps3 anyway is a pain)
14)Companies sticking as many features in it as possible.
Instead of a device customized for your needs it now is everything for everyone in a box.
15)Console gamers buy games even if they have the lesser version than other console (Skyrim ps3, cod ps3) then pre order the next version.
16) You need to buy a whole nother console for hundreds of dollars if you prefer a different controller. while on pc..
wiiU pro controller might be added to the list.

on top of that a huge console company just spent big on cloud gaming. so more restrictions incoming.
#15 (Edited 1151d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
SnotyTheRocket  +   1151d ago
...█░▒█▒▄░▀▄▄▄▀░░░░░░░░█░░░▒▒ ▒▒▒█
█░▒█░█▀▄▄░░░░░█▀░░░░▀▄░░▄▀▀▄▒ █
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Dugstar  +   1151d ago
I think PC gaming is easier now as GFX cards are not as expensive as they used to be. I bought a 8800 GTS (640mb) for £40 and its played everything I have thrown at it albeit it not having full on AA and all that carry on but still looking better than there console counterparts...

I think its safe to say having a an amazing GFX card isn't a must now as it used to be years ago but if your competent enough with Computers getting games running isn't really an issue as a quick Google search or checking the Manufacturers website usually solves any issues and in all fairness that should really come as second nature nowadays.

As for DLC that's a different whole ballgame as "consolers" get it right in the arse in that respect always.. But getting a Optimized version of a game is always an issue with PC so In fairness Consoles have there good points as does PC gaming...
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Trago1337  +   1151d ago
lack of split screen and Japanese games, THATS IT. other than that PC if FAR superior. but if you have consoles and the PC, non of this matters lol.
Saryk  +   1151d ago
The cheaters is one of the PC downfalls, I will agree with this point.
Updating drivers or drivers in general is a rare occurrence, unless you just reinstalled or a new system, deal with it. I get the download bullshit from my PS3 and 360.
Space is space, it is finite on any system.
I went through 4 Xbox360s in a year; the only time in my life where I thank the gaming gods I bought a extended warranty. And I bet the only person Gamestop hated to see when I walked in with a broke 360. But in the end, shit breaks!
But these things are not that big compared to all the pros the PC brings!
taquito  +   1151d ago
the only, ONLY drawback of pc gaming is, going back and playing a console game after, they just look so jaggie, sub-hd, awful framerates, screen tear, long loads, its like going back 2 generations

its like going from a vita to a gameboy color
Eldyraen  +   1151d ago
I know what you mean as its true even for the best looking upcoming console games (GoW:A, Beyond two souls, the last of us, etc). They do look great but I can't help but think of what they would look like on PC or next gen consoles even. Resolution alone is a huge difference but newer/better AA, tessellation, physics, etc that consoles just can't manage now its no contest.

Thankfully console exclusives are typically gameplay or storyline heavy enough that they can suck you in pretty quick and most of the time you aren't asking yourself, "What if...?". Same thing is true though when going back to even much older consoles and games as sometimes it's just easy to overlook visuals (but not always). Minecraft is an attest to that as noone who has played any new game even years before it arrived can say its top not visually. But when it all comes together it can really be impressive.
aquamala  +   1150d ago
I just played Tom's Clancy's Future Soldier on PS3, every review says how good the game looks, it just doesn't to me. objects and terrain in the distance is blurry, I notice jaggies and slow downs in animations.. should have waited to get this one on PC instead
tuhi009  +   1151d ago
Rarely have those problems.

And Driver problems ?? Seriously ???
Dont you have INTERNET on your PC ??? Update the driver or rollback to a Prev one.
Coach_McGuirk  +   1151d ago
lol, whining about hackers in a mod
sonicsidewinder  +   1151d ago
"I spent a good portion of my early PC gaming experience playing DayZ"

Another one of those babies first pc gamers.
Donnywho  +   1151d ago
You really have to enjoy upgrading a PC and everything that goes along with keeping your Specs up to date to really make it as a PC gamer. I almost think you have to enjoy the tweeking more than the gaming but I'll keep that as an almost and just end this.
Norrison  +   1151d ago
If you built your pc correctly and installed everything correctly most of the problems mentioned here won't happen.
Luke_fon_Fabre  +   1151d ago
I will always like consoles more because of some specific games that are only legally available on them.
BitbyDeath  +   1151d ago
The biggest problems with PC is that game devs can't support the latest hardware or be shunned by the market.

Hence why a game which came out 5 years ago is still one of their best looking.
carlocgc  +   1151d ago
didnt read the article in its entirety i assume hes moaning about the meager size of the SSD not the fact that he cant choose where to install but games will only benefit from SSD if they are saved to it. which he cannot do cuz its too puny jus sayin
Saturne3  +   1151d ago
Im probably going to switch to PC gaming in some years from now im slighty happy with ps3 and 360 at the moment but most of my favorite games run amazinly better on a gaming pc and that´s exacly what i prefer - a better gaming experience.

Not to mention that mods are a ton of fun.

Only some very few exclusive games keep me interested on consoles like Last of Us and Killzone on PS3 the 360 not that much at least nowdays and i still dont understand why xboxlive charges for online play.
#28 (Edited 1151d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
KontryBoy706  +   1151d ago
I've been on PC gaming for 3 months, built my first rig myself. I couldn't be happier and these issues this guy is writing about are ridiculous. If your graphics card burns out that's why there are warranties and RMAs. EVGA give like 3 years warrenty free. The majority of PC problems come down to User Error. No one told this dude to download all his games and his OS on his SSD. Duh... it's going to take up more space than what he had. I use a 1 TB drive 7200rpm for Steam and Origin. My SSD is for my OS and my other programs. The only thing I agree on are the hackers or being accused of being a hacker because you may be having a good game. Aside from that PC gaming is where it's at. I tried to go back to console after my first month and couldn't get through one game of BF3? It's not even the same game.
#29 (Edited 1151d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
wastedcells  +   1150d ago
Putting in effort is a problem for most people.
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