Nadirim: A Free-to-Play 'Arabian Nights' MMORPG

Introducing Nadirim, an impressively unique free-to-play browswer MMORPG from Twisted Tribe. Nadirim seamlessly blends traditional turn-based RPG mechanics with an engaging and distinctly unique fantasy world, one that is rife with Arabian mythology akin to the Arabian Nights fables.

With an expansive online community, multiple character classes with their own skills and abilities, and an engaging and interesting storyline Nadirim looks to be one of the best free-to-play browser MMORPGs out there.

Nadirim is available now for PC and is free to play. Sign up today and try it out for yourself at

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Deeke2119d ago

This game has genies and other borrowed aspects familiar to Arabian it has nice graphics and a neat turn-based combat system.

Cam_is_16bit2118d ago

Well I can't say they're not being creative...