YouPorn encourages users to sign up to Xbox Beta

Xbigy Games Writes: Adult site YouPorn has begun to encourage users to sign up for the Microsoft Beta in order to access their site through the Xbox's new browser

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-Mika-1971d ago Show
LOGICWINS1970d ago

^^What does having a GF have to do with appreciating porn?

inveni01970d ago

No doubt. I watch porn with my wife. Believe it or's better that way.

darthv721970d ago

seeing as the browser for 360 would be either html 5 or silverlight based for streaming media and not flash like the majority of adult sites have been using.

I may just have to try this. For testing purposes...obviously.

PurpHerbison1970d ago

I often wondered the same thing. Some of these guys obviously never had a GF that appreciated porn just as much as the next guy. That is a golden ticket to the most amazing sex life in the world.

Horny1970d ago

I appreciate porn with or without my woman :p

TekoIie1970d ago

Porn and girlfriends are like a PS3 and 360. Its better to have both :3

dredgewalker1970d ago

It doesn't matter if you're married or with a gf, it's normal for men to watch porn. I actually make my gf watch it so she can be more daring :P

BLAKHOODe1970d ago

My wife and I use to watch porn while having sex. The sex was always better and it gave us ideas to try new things. It's a major WIN! Don't deny it, try it.

Qrphe1970d ago

Exactly, and people should stop acting like a bunch of prudes.

Getowned1970d ago

get a gf to watch porn ? XD.. Many woman watch porn too not just men, if you think only men watch porn you are vary sheltered and need a social life... btw i'm officially single as of last week Mika ;) ? we can spread our love all over N4G! and troll people hand in hand.

Army_of_Darkness1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I appreciate my GF even more when she does things to me that porn stars do for money:-D

btw, not exactly the best comment but how was mika's comment immature?! LOL!

SolidStoner1970d ago

and now all the kids just discovered "youporn" and site is probably getting insane amount of hits!

Nice commercial in gaming site! And there shall be more spoiled kids and more kids when kids make kids! Great job! More people in this world isnt a good thing! Kids use condoms!

Baka-akaB1970d ago

Seriously lol mika . Sounds more like the prudish attitude of someone that never had a girlfriend (or boyfriend) actually

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1970d ago

Everyone wants a piece of pc gaming these days.

vortis1970d ago Show
MySwordIsHeavenly1970d ago

As a marital counselor, I can assure you...watching porn together is NOT as good for your relationship as you think it is.

Conzul1970d ago

Indeed, one of the girls in my town mentioned that she's getting tired of being asked which "porn act" is her favorite.

f7897901970d ago

As a person with a healthy long-term relationship, I can assure you it's great for your sex life. Nobody said anything about it improving the relationship.

Sitdown1970d ago

As an LMFT, I have to agree......there are negative long term issues associated with porn. Also interesting that some of the people here admit that they need porn in order to have better sex.

spunwicked1970d ago

^ A Leucocyte Migration Fibrinolysis Technique?

Calm Down Sunshine1970d ago


"as a lonely person with a job that's centered around nonsense, why are you people with girlfriends stealing all my porn!!! Stop it!!"

Baka-akaB1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Depends who's the one suggesting to watch it to begin with , and if one element of the pair is even shy or prudish about those . In my case , it was often the women suggesting porn for the lolz of it .

And with each partner commenting on the truly impossible feats from porn movies

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crxss1970d ago

the better question is, who's the girl in the article picture O_O

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-Mika-1971d ago ShowReplies(18)
ChunkyLover531970d ago

Slow news day? This is the second article of the day reporting this.

pixelsword1970d ago

Yeah, well; it's the 360.

It's not like the gaming part of the news for that console is overflowing with info.

pixelsword1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Let's see what I said:

"It's not like the gaming part of the news for that console is overflowing with info."

*Clicks links for 360 news at 7:48 am to look at headlines*

Link Hack
Game innovations
WWE coverage
RE 6 Reviews.

I saw no info for any game you listed.

*clicks the PS3 news link to look at headlines*

Kingdom Hearts
Game innovations
WWE Coverage
RE 6 Reviews

Even the titles alone mock your logic; not only are none of the games there that you listed, but the PS3 has more game articles in the headlines (twice as many) and none of them are about Wonderbook. The article with the highest "heat" is the 360 Youporn article, by the way.

Who's trolling again?

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jghvhv1970d ago

I'm still a youngster so can someone please explain to what 'Porn' is? Should I ask my mommy? You know what,I'll just google it!

FragMnTagM1970d ago

And we will see you in a year... lol.

Matt06111970d ago

YoungsterJoey about to get his beat on and become Cool Trainer Joey.

vortis1970d ago

Unless he ends up in the wrong part of town where hotdogs in buns is the special on the menu, at which point he'll become Bun-Master Joey.

MxRBrobaFett1970d ago

Try and stay away from the Asian part of the Internet porn world for now... That's for the more experienced "user". Take it slow.