Strategy Informer's Devil May Cry 4 (360) Review is live!

Strategy Informer's Mike Bowden Mike recently played Devil May Cry 4 from Capcom. Did Mike find the franchise had been reinvented or was it just the same-old same-old with shinier graphics? Find out in our exclusive review!

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Enzo3577d ago

Next time choose the right category.

Mike Bowden3576d ago

So this review applies to owners of both consoles.


Skerj3577d ago

Hah looks like Capcom should have kept it on the original platform.

Brixxer6003576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Wouldn't have made any difference, they marked it down because in their own words, it's the same old same old, doesn't matter which platform you play it on. For real fans that won't be a problem but for more casual gamers, there's not really that much to make you stop and think wow.

picker3323576d ago

Is it only me or is Dmc3:se better?

Well in my opinion it is.
All i thought about when i played through Dmc4 was,Damn i miss Vergil.Lol.