Amazon lists Zelda and Mario Kart for Wii U

Listings for brand new Zelda and Mario Kart games for the Wii U just popped up on Amazon. Does this mean these titles are closer than we think?

With new consoles from Sony/Microsoft likely to come out in 2013 it isn't surprising that Nintendo may bring out their big guns to combat those launches.

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1upgamer992179d ago

Nintendo stated last two weeks ago, a new Zelda game would not be released until 2014. So my guess is an HD collection.

mrbojingles2179d ago

Really? Can you shoot me a link to that statement? I hadn't heard.

1upgamer992179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )
Here is just one link to the 2014 date..there are more this was just the first I saw so I posted...It states the new Zelda game "Is just too big" to be done by 2013. So that is good and bad news.

WiiUalpha2178d ago

"According to Wii U Daily, Nintendo is preparing to release another Hyrule adventure in 2014"

Wii U daily is not Nintendo. While it could be right, you shouldnt take the word of anyone but the developer on when it is coming out.

ChickeyCantor2178d ago

Besides, Miyamoto wanted smaller development cycles.

rodiabloalmeida2179d ago

A new Mario Kart and a new Zelda game for a new Nintendo console. How surprising, isn't it?

PopRocks3592179d ago

Oh look, a new Halo on an Xbox platform.

Oh look, a new Killzone on a new Sony platform.

It goes both ways. Or in this case three ways.

mrbojingles2179d ago

I don't think he was necessarily bashing Nintendo for being Nintendo, just stating that it isn't a surprising move.

Where did the Xbox/PS stuff come up?

PopRocks3592179d ago

I see people attack Nintendo for things the other guys are just as guilty of from time to time. Sometimes I feel it's necessary to point it out. This is was one of the instances where I jumped the gun lol.

mrbojingles2179d ago


That link you posted uses Wii U Daily as a source and they are terrible with rumors. I heard their Zelda rumor about a month ago and it's complete speculation. I don't dislike the speculation itself but don't take anything they say as fact.

I wanted a link to Nintendo actually stating it was coming 2014, and infact there is no timetable for Zelda. Could be 2013, 2014, or even 2016 for all we know. But there is no real evidence that 2014 will be the year.

1upgamer992179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Although I am not saying your wrong. I stated that that was just one link stating 2014...Gamespot says the same thing and so do others...I just didn't want to post all of them so I picked the first one. Nintendo Just started Making the Zelda last month. I am not going to dig the link up BUT here is Gamespots.

mrbojingles2178d ago

Once again, I don't mean to be a party pooper but GameSpot uses that same Wii U Daily as a source so it has no more validity.

But 2014, yea that seems most likely for Zelda. Do I want it asap? Of course but I know I have to wait.

Unless they decided to flesh out that E3 2011 demo into a full game (and even then I think the demo was just a boss from Twilight Princess) but I'm willing to take a Wind Waker HD remake in the mean time

stragomccloud2178d ago

Well, since those games will come out no matter what, I can't say that I'm surprised. They are probably just making placeholders for when Nintendo does actually announce something.

DivineAssault 2178d ago

Amazon just knows that its coming eventually because Nintendo does em with each console.. Not hard to figure out actually.. But for this to be listed before a 3DS version is just stupid.. Zelda will come to 3DS well before wii u gets one.. So theres going to be a pretty long wait if the 3DS ver hasnt even been announced yet