FIFA 13 launch bug renders game unplayable on PC

Many FIFA 13 users are reporting an issue with the PC version, which causes the game to crash immediately after launching.

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Psychotica2087d ago

I have seen that a couple of times but launches just fine when I try it again.

Dovahkiin2087d ago

There was a problem with FIFA 12 where you had to delete a certian file from the FIFA 12 folder in your documents to get the game to start. EA seemingly aren't great when it comes to porting to the PC.

SuperbVillain2087d ago

EA sucks.Once 2K makes another Football game everyone will see how much EA slacked everybody. It's like paying 10 dollars for the dime,but you only get a 0.3

RedDevils2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

I wish one of Sony game studio make a football game. Can't believe there only EA and Konami making football game, and no other company trying to dig into it

KiLLeRCLaM2084d ago

I got my money back. I bought the game and I tried everything on the forums, called support and nothing worked so why shall I spend my time fixing a game that I paid for that should playable when I buy it? Worst game purchase ever and it's sad cuz I have bought every fifa and nhl game since Fifa 94 and NHL Hockey(1991). Origin sucks!!