The Naked Truth About Halo 4

Forbes - As Frank O’Connor, the franchise development director of Halo 4, explained to me the importance of strategy in the long-awaited addition in the Halo series, all I could think was, “Naked naked naked.” That’s because I had just met the 2012 version of Cortana, the Master Chief’s AI companion, a character who is brilliant, capable, loyal and happened to be completely sans garments. Because of Halo 4’s excellent graphics, her body, rather than her personality, is in the forefront. Naked naked naked.

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Shadonic2183d ago

Its cortanas way of telling cheif to do her like his fleshy girls.

Knight_Crawler2183d ago

I will commence fapping as soon as I get the game ; )

Shadonic2183d ago

aww i got a disagree: (

OhMyGandhi2183d ago

I didn't disagree with you, but I can only infer that when you type, "cheif" instead of "chief" and see a red squiggly line, it might be better for you to go ahead and make the spelling change.

Shadonic2183d ago

that red squiggly line hasent been popping up for about 2 weeks now i need to find out why.

OhMyGandhi2183d ago

Just because she got a firmware update does not mean Halo is a sexist videogame.

MerkinMax2183d ago

Cortana has been naked since Halo CE. The increase in graphical fidelity is the reason why she's catching people's attention more so now.

GearSkiN2183d ago

"The breast of both worlds" I like that

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