Resident Evil 6: The Kotaku Review

Kotaku - The old dread isn't coming back. You remember it, don't you? The shock of terror when you stumbled in on a zombie chomping on a corpse in the first Resident Evil. Or when the undead dogs jumped through the window? Those are signature moments—along with the compulsive hoarding of typewriter ribbon—that anyone who's played the classic survival horror game will remember.

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Lucretia2059d ago

um, lol. I never got scared at those games back then, but i can understand, the atmosphere does need to return, and they need to remove segments like chris's tps style campaign.

still a really fun game though,

but people have to understand something too, those games proably scared you because you guys never played anything like that before.

I mean if they make re7 like Revalations then they will be perfectly fine. I love the co-op, but they just gotta focus a bit more, and stay japanese

Grimhammer002059d ago

I keep reading how bad it is from post and reviews.
But every time I hear nothing about the controls, screen tearing? Game mechanics?

I get it. It's not survival horror anymore. Neither was Re5...I still enjoyed it! (Punching boulders was a bit much I agree....)

Everyone I've asked who has played it yesterday and before have said it plays good. Looks good. Some of the story arcs are excellent....Chris's is trash.

So a game that gives about 3x more play value than others in its genre (tps action) is being penalized for no focus? If you just played Leon's story and walked away its still be a 10hr good game no?

Then the mp. Nobody says much of anything about it. Like it adds no value? I could argue that for's the lasting value of the game! Agent hunt alone sounds great! And no review has said that it doesn't work or is broken in some way in terms of connection.

Very polarizing game. I'm getting it for two stories and the mp. And in this day n age, that's $60 worth right there. An I disappointed it isn't a master piece? Sure. But I'm not going to say its garbage when it's still a fun action tps with a theme I dig.

Trenta272059d ago

It doesn't have 3X the play value. It has three campaigns (plus Ada but that isn't counted for some reason), but they are all relatively short. So, in the end, it's the same length as most games now.

The MP is just no. It's buggy, disconnects, and is just overall boring. You die within second anyway. What is the fun in that?

vallencer2059d ago

It does have 3x the play value or really 4 since you have Ada's campaign. If it was the same length as current games with then each campaign, including Ada's, would be about 2 hours long. So I'm pretty sure it's all in all closer to a 25 hour game because of every campaign. I also know each campaign back tracks somewhat and I understand that but it's still a much longer game. I also believe they should have named this game something else aside from Resident Evil. The only campaign that's feels close is Leon's.

yeahokchief2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

It isn't Resident Evil.

It's a slap in the face to Resident Evil.

What are you blabbering morons going on about? 3 times as much walking between cutscenes and doing quicktime events? Woo hoo? Just make a game like that shorter so you can get on with it and do something fun instead.

mobiusoneac42059d ago

Pastebin for those that don't care for Kotaku.

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