XCOM: Enemy Unknown Demo Impressions - Gamer Euphoria

Gamer Euphoria staff member Sean C writes:

''It’s hard to judge whether something is going to be good or bad in an encased, hand picked environment like a demo. Yes, while it shows you some of the great points of the game you can be certain the developer isn’t going to be upfront about flaws and problems because, in all honesty, if you’re on the fence about a game this is the thing that is supposed to sway your opinion.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown then, had one of the largest challenges I’ve ever seen; demo a product that could take hours to truly understand and making it fun was going to be a tough sell. Despite the fact that I was sold already, I am a little more wary of my expectations now.''

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wynams2117d ago

Honestly, my enthusiasm was raised more by the OXM XCOM Youtube videos that the demo/tutorial. Regardless, color me day one purchased!

Dlacy13g2117d ago

It was a demo, what did this author expect? I don't know how someone could expect more from a demo? I mean it bascially covers the gameplay, shows off a little bit of the story and then if you like what you see go buy it/preorder it. That is what a demo is supposed to do.

josephps32117d ago

The author didn't get a sense of arrival from the Demo. It just didn't speak to his soul. That special something something...STFU.

I played the demo and even more excited about it now. Already pre ordered it and expecting to lose my social life for the next few weeks because of this game alone.