NiGHTS HD/Sonic Adventure 2 HD launch trailer

SEGA released a launch trailer for Sonic Adventure 2 HD/NiGHTS HD.

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darthv722029d ago

the demand for Shenmue is high. Not like FF7 high but still high. They will likely release an HD compilation of 1 and 2 sometime next year. To coincide with the announcement of a Shenmue 3.

As to this story, yeah a Nights HD sounds awesome. I just got the saturn version after all this time. I've always had the xmas version but somehow never got the original.

The wii edition is okay. Not great but then again not piss poor either. Just okay.

darthv722029d ago

I may have been a tad wrong in thinking 1 & 2 would be a compilation. Sorry for that.

Everything I have read points to 1 & 2 coming out to XBLA and PSN instead.

As for part 3, I guess it depends on fan support. How much people want it in order for it to be made. Gamers have been wanting FF7 remade in HD and yet Square has not done the actual game itself but has delivered a few variants of the game instead.

Sega has been focused on the Yakuza series and that has been successful for them so it makes sense that the same team could develop a Shenmue 3.

We will just have to wait and see.

hkgamer2029d ago

what is shenmue?
don't think that game exists.