1UP Debates: Are You a Child-Man?

1UP writes:

"That's the question Joshua Earles-Bennett asked 1UP this week, alluding to both Kay Hymowitz's recent piece, The Child-Man, as well as to NPR's corresponding interview with Hymowitz.

Today, many young adults either delay or completely reject marriage, parenthood, home-ownership, and financial security, often pointing to such responsibilities as, at worst, outmoded ideals. Recently, social scientists have attempted to put a name to this shift in priorities, calling it Emerging Adulthood or the Odyssey Years. But from Hymowitz's perspective, it is a 'prolonged adolescence,' and it is a problem."

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games4fun3758d ago

its the media's fault, not only that how can you be a person who buys all this media if you have no financial security? i dont see gamers on the street pimping themselves out to play video games

and the family part, this is culture in general i'm surprised she decided to pick males as the problem maybe its the females who arent holding up their end of the bargain or both?

no its easier to male bash and then point out the faults of gamers who somehow magically have money to burn on media such as video games great conclusion

after reading the article i found that it pretty much agreed with my comment and i find it hard to understand why it is so hard for people to understand that this is a hobby to a fun pastime at best unless you have ADD and even then i dont see it as hurting anyone in fact maybe its because its more fun than your hobby that you find a need to devalue the people and the products that provide so much more

DJ3758d ago

dying of laughter. Cathryn G. had the best one.

sak5003758d ago

I"m happy playing games even in my 30s. I grew up with atari and those handheld game & watch whatchmacallit. If the previous generation had something like this we might have been seeing people in 50s and 60s addicted to video games. But i guess we are the lucky ones to have been born in 70s-80s and got to see the begining of the video games. But we are not even close to this new generation of techno babies who straight out of the womb knows how to use mouse.

Armyless3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

Our generation is the first to have games like this.

My father and I shelled out $400 bucs (80's dollars) for an Atari 2600. I would mow yards on the weekends at the age of 7 and walk into Albertson's to buya game with SOME of the money I'd worked for.

God forbid a child learns the value of work or spending his capital... how dare you teach a child what it's like to spend some money on himself...

Most women, (most, not the sexy best) don't understand what games are and how they belong to the man that earned them.

darkshiz3758d ago

So not being married and not have a steady income for a mortgage which is very high = Child man?

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The story is too old to be commented.