Beyond the Box: Orange Box Afterthoughts and The Future of Valve

1UP writes:

"Orange Box almost feels like the result of a bet: "How many crazy risks can you take all at once?" The result was an episodic Half-Life installment, a Team Fortress sequel that went in a novel and unanticipated artistic direction, and a three-hour game taking place almost entirely inside an actual Skinner box, all packed together in the grandest experiment of all. Somehow, against all odds, every one of those risks paid off."

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AngryHippo3726d ago

game. It is without doubt one of the greatest if not the best fps i have ever played. Fantastic game.

crank3726d ago

This website gets worse every day gamer zones open zones

shall we just get branded on our *** also

anyway, the orange box is an ugly piece of overrated tripe

I sincerely laughed out loud at the start of this article

newell is an obese twinkie scarfing fink from star wars

InMyOpinion3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

"How many crazy risks can you take all at once?"

Outsourcing the PS3 version to EA was a just plain crazy.

Nice collection though. Worth every penny.

Alvadr3725d ago

I played through HL2 on the PC 3 years ago. I got Orange Box for my PS3 mainly for the expansions. Great value for money.

Portal is good fun, but short. Team Fortress is just total BS (stick with COD4).

Playing through Half Life 2 again on the PS3 on my nice 42 inch plasma was worth the money alone.. The best FPS ever.

If you have not ever played this game your missing out.

DJ3725d ago

But i noticed that they actually tried to rectify problems with the Quicksave system by putting up notices of when we should do it. I actually got F-ed over in Portal by quicksaving during the boss battle...and not realizing i didn't have enough time to beat it. Had to play half the entire game over again because I saved my progress. =/

Hopefully Valve learns to handle the PS3 version of whatever they throw out there next, because it's the little things that can really drive down the fun factor of a game. That said, the Orange Box is the best deal ever in the history of gaming, and despite those little flaws Portal and Team Fortress are amazing titles. The ending of portal will have you locked in suspense, and then both laughing and ending up a bit freaked out.

I'll probably start up the Half-life 2 trilogy after finals are over. Right now I'm locked in DMC and Folklore.

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