If box art told the truth…

Xbigy Games Writes:

Pretty much every game out there has some kind of niggling problem that drives one person bonkers. Whether it’s the dress system in FFXII-2 or the backtracking of Resident Evil, even the best games have something to pick at. Today we spotted some creative images that have edited the box-art from several games, giving them a more ‘realistic’ advertising approach.

Before you go mental, this is all for a bit of fun. So please try not to let your fanboy rage explode in the comments box below.

All of the images come courtesy of NeoGaf users who have been tinkering with box-art using all their Photoshop/MS Paint skills.

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kesvalk2180d ago

"kidnap everyone, fulton edition" made me laugh hard. XD

HebrewHammer2180d ago

Haha! That one and Killzone 3's "Why can't I kill Rico"

Nimblest-Assassin2180d ago

No one was safe from kidnapping... even Kojima

garos822179d ago

don't level up aerith! seriously a waste of time.hilarious

Relientk772180d ago

Metal Gear Solid Hide in a Box

I love hiding in the cardboard box!


TopDudeMan2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Yeah. No one was expecting to spend most of their time waiting for guards to walk past, while remaining perfectly still, while hiding in a cardboard box playing MGS, but they did and it was awesome.

FF7 one was also priceless.

Der_Kommandant2180d ago

Shao Khan wins, Shao Khan wins, Shao Khan wins, Shao Khan wins, Shao Khan wins, Shao Khan wins, Shao Khan wins, Shao Khan wins, Shao Khan wins, Shao Khan wins

Blastoise2180d ago

Final fantasy 12 one was the best

kesvalk2180d ago

final fantasy XV was good too! XD

victoryscreeeeeech2180d ago

i didnt get it, can someone explain?

SeraphimBlade2180d ago

Those are the characters that any reasonable writers would have made the focus. Instead we focus on Vaan who gets dragged into their plan and just figures he'll come along. And then doesn't do anything. Except going around telling people he's Basch von Rossenberg of Dalmasca. Even though they actually HAVE Basch von Rossenberg of Dalmasca in their party. So yeah. Useless.

Sketchy_Galore2180d ago

Damn fine idea. emasculation quest and Peekaboo with guns are personal favourites, though the latter could be used for about 90% of games these games.

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The story is too old to be commented.