Smart Bombs: 1UP celebrate gaming's most beloved flops

1UP writes:

"Let's face it: You and I are a minority in the gaming community. The fact that you're visiting a videogame website at this very moment places you in a tier known as the "hardcore." Here, we write, discuss, and argue (mostly argue) about our beloved hobby of choice. Our group may seem large, but a much larger contingent of gamers exists, known (and feared) by the title of "casual." The casual gamers, people who are too busy doctoring, lawyering, and digging very important ditches to invest themselves in gaming culture, don't want anything but fast and accessible fun."

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mariusmal3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

so true. grim fandango never had the sucess it deserved

MK_Red3785d ago

Such a sad and tragic article... Grim Fandango, Crush, System Shock 2...

WWWWTTTTTFFFFF!!????? Where the heck is Psychonausts!????

mariusmal3782d ago

yup. psychonauts is a great game also.

Iamback3785d ago

Well this is "normal" for game industry. Okami is one of gems that failed.