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Resident Evil 6: 10 Reasons It’s The Death of the Franchise

WC - That was me, seven years ago. Seven years later, it’s a different picture, painted almost entirely by apathy.

When Resident Evil 4 dropped onto unsuspecting player, it was special. So special in fact that Capcom seemed to have successfully, and unexpectedly, saved their original survival horror series from total player disinterest by being so completely different. However, the problem with their new focus on action and lighter emphasis on puzzle solving and exploration was that it seemed to, for me at least, grow stale with alarming haste. (PC, PS3, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

-Mezzo-  +   847d ago
Trust Me, play the game & you'll find a lot more than just 10 reasons.
abzdine  +   847d ago
i dont wanna waste a dime on this the demos only shows more than 10 reasons.
Capcom !! go back to school or hire Mikami again.
seanpitt23  +   847d ago
Yes I can give you a lot more than 10 reasons think it needs a extra 0 on the end.
kwyjibo  +   847d ago
Do you see how Operation Raccoon City was panned across the board and still sold over 2 million copies?

Despite a "challenging" critical mauling, Capcom consider it a "great success".

Resident Evil 6 has had better reviews, and will sell double that. There's clearly an entire army of blinkered idiots who prefer the "Resident Evil" part more than the "game" part.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   847d ago
Not sure why you're getting disagrees you are 100% right. Resident Evil Racoon City was an appalling game yet still shifted so many copys Capcom see it as a success.
Resident Evil 6 will be no different.
The only people who can send Capcom a message is us by not buying these garbage games with the Resident Evil name slapped on the box.
kopicha  +   847d ago
The last good RE is probably only Revelation.
bitboi  +   847d ago
awww man another article where I have to click thru 10 pages to see the full article?! why!(I know why but come on!)
CynicalKelly  +   847d ago
Just bought the game and the desire to play it faded away into dust as I walked very. very. VERY! Slowly for the first 15 minutes.

Those dumb zombies that you can't shoot but are positioned towards something you have to pick up so they can crap you is not scary, it's a cheap scare and it fails.
mananimal  +   847d ago
The Hardcore Gamer gets screwed again, do you fans see what has happened? Its not just Capcom, but a microcoism of the INDUSTRY as a whole. what do I mean then?

Im saying Core gamers are USED to build a following for a game, a franchise, to make relevant, cool, legendary, to gain its following, now to increase "profits" & Fanbase for said game, the Publisher waters down the game for the casual $$$$$, casual fans flock to your once Core experience cause it less CORE, less difficult, or tedious, the Casual gamer are drawn like flies to the Name, though its no longer a Core game experience per say, what the core fans were expecting etc etc.

And I got news for you, you ready?

The Capcom's of the World have no intention of changing either, they dont care about you, its about them, their Greed, there Agenda . Next Gen will be the samething, they'll
come out with a really cool New Core IP experience, sell it to the Core Gamer, who will take the bait, build up the Franchises Name & Legend with their Support, then the Publisher will water it down, casualize the game, for the casual gamer. Same trick, new Gen, new
franchise, Core gamer screwed again, & didn't even see it coming.
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