One Hit Pixel Hands-On: Wii U Is A Surprisingly Elegant Console With A Strongish Line-up

One Hit Pixel: "A few weeks ago, I wrote an article that criticised the Wii U’s release schedule. I still stand by the notion that it is the worst I’ve seen in a long time for a console, but the one thing I made clear was that the console itself could be a promising prospect for the future that will sell like hot cakes, eventually! So consider this then a primer for the new Nintendo console. Should you get one and what will be there when you purchase it?"

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WiiUalpha2177d ago

". I still stand by the notion that it is the worst I’ve seen in a long time for a console" I like that part because you know consoles launch every year.. Saying a long time when talking about consoles isnt saying much since they launch every 5-7 years or so...So I am guessing this is completely true because it has been a long time since the PS3 and 360 launched with a line up far worse than what is on Wii U.

Anyone that doesnt agree please name off 5 exclusives for each like Wii U is getting then I might think you have a point

Yodagamer2177d ago

Well the xbox 360 had 4 games in the line up i liked, i think the four games i wanted were perfect dark zero, Cod2 (when i was actually into the series), Kameo, and Quake. (granted most were pc ports, but they were console exclusive) I can't wait for the wii u though XD

Hatsune-Miku2177d ago

People are celebrating the fact that Nintendo is launching with a lot of good games but most have already been released on the xbox 360 and ps3. Some games will also be released soon for the ps3 and xbox also with less than a handful of titles that are exclusive to the console. Exclusive titles are suppose to be the titles that give people a reason to get the console. Why would anyone get a console for games they already own or could buy on consoles they already own.

I can't fault anyone for wanting to buy a new console for the novelty factor but that normally dissipate shortly after owning the product. Nintendo needed to have more and bigger exclusive titles on launch or within the launch window.

N4g_null2177d ago

I havnt played thur most of those ports and when I do I want it in real hd and possibly a better frame rate so I'm waiting. Plus I go to much work to waste time on the inferior versions are to deal with bad frame rates.

I'm thinking many people skipped a lot of these games for what ever reason and many did not even buy an hd console. We mostly got hd pcs.

SkirkRidgeEX2177d ago

When I say worst I've seen for a long time for a console, I'm not talking about the games, but the actual release window. Other than that, the games are great.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

Your problem isn't launch. Lets hope nintendo doesn't abandon us like they did for the last 5 years.

Hard to be a nin fan after that.

Will nintendo have as much quality exclusives as sony in the long run?

Like for the past 5 years wiiU hopefully won't make a fancy way to play games and average titles.

not my opinion this actually happened. lol disagree if you must and pretend it didn't.

Nintendo fans want N64 days again. That was the last time nintendo was a serious hardcore contender. What year was that again? Gamecube failed? Wii was a casual console? no?

Also isn't nintendo supposed to show at least one next gen game to sell a next gen system?


Point is I won't be supporting nintendo until 2 years after launch to see what nintendo is doing.

I think I make a fair and sensible argument.

Shok2177d ago

Lat 5 years? You'd have an argument if you said the last TWO years but 5? Talk about a stretch dude lol.

PopRocks3592177d ago

Um... E3 2009 and 2010 were focused on games like Mario Galaxy and Skyward Sword. Not to mention this past year the Wii was given Xenoblade, Last Story and Kirby Anniversary.

neogeo2177d ago

The Wonderful 101 is the only truly next gen game I have seen yet. It's truly underrated. Everyone seemed to skip over this one.

start at 7:55

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Yangus2177d ago

WiiU nice console and great line-up.True.

Neonridr2177d ago

lol, the Nintendo 64 launched with two games in the US in September of 1996. Super Mario 64 (a stellar game no doubt) and Pilotwings 64. I don't see how you can say this launch is anything worse than great.

metroid322177d ago

The list goes on and on at just how many things Big N have got right that others havnt with Wiiu and i have mine on pre-order great games at launch are never this great around 30 games including eshop wow.

PS3Freak2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

In before Chaos.

I think the launch line up is decent, I'm interested in maybe 4 or 5 games, which is pretty good.

Edit: 2 - 3 games, a couple of the games I'm interested in are not launch titles.

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