"Lost Planet 3 Reminds Me of Gears of War" - Capcom

Addict of Fiction got hands on with Lost Planet 3, they also got a nice little quote from Audrey, who was in charge of the stand showing off Lost Planet 3.
They also look at the game itself, and what we can can expect when it launches.

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Baka-akaB2145d ago

That's funny . In parts it reminds me of dead space .

While dead space 3 looks more like a lost planet and gear of war clone .

CustardTrout2145d ago

Heh, noticing a pattern here...

wallis2145d ago

Between unreal engine 3's domination and third person games all taking on the over-the-shoulder technique not to mention a universal push for the cover system and shooting mechanics established by GoW this is basically like saying "This game is going to flop, get 7 and 8's because the industry is over saturated and most shooters need to saw a woman in half just to stand out now, and then we're to reboot it again. Rinse. Repeat."

DivineAssault 2145d ago

smh.. what is capcom doing?! Let xbox do all that thoughtless gunplay.. This is beneath them

2145d ago