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GodisaGeek: "The Testament of Sherlock Holmes takes an interesting premise and weaves an intriguing plot which will keep avid adventurers interested through to completion. However, the somewhat clunky graphics and the baffling decision to book-end proceedings with the idea that children are reading this story are aspects that might put off players who don’t wait to get to the meat of the game. It sets a bad first impression, but the investigation and deduction system is robust and effective, giving players the real feeling that they are working the case themselves. It may be a hard game to sell to those who aren’t used to some of the quirks and eccentricities of the adventure genre which die-hard fans are already used to, but the concessions to console controls and the 3D game-world do a good job of making it more accessible. Despite its shortcomings, the game is a solid addition to the Conan Doyle canon. For those after a good crime yarn, the game is most certainly afoot!"

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