For Males, Video Game Rewards Are All in the Mind

Yahoo! games article lending insight into why males feel a greater sense of reward from gaming

"New research from Stanford scientists shows that the part of the brain associated with reward and addiction was more activated in males than in females when both genders played a game whose object was to acquire more territory."

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killax35633785d ago

I guess this is why EA's Battlefield games (among other games) are so popular. BF2 and BF2142 are just big, elaborate games of territory. I'm not saying they bad games (I actually think they're great, I have them both) but they are what they are.

A person just needs to make sure they keep their playing habits in check (like anything else in life).

Graphics by ATi3785d ago

Women aren't known to be territorial.

Men are.

Wow...that was hard to figure out, wasn't it? And I didn't even conduct a study at a University with a world-renowned team!


games4fun3785d ago

a no brainer study, like males and video games they know more males play them so obviously any study will show a higher percentage but they spend millions anyway

JosefTor3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Hindsight is 20/20. I know everything seems obvious and sometimes it just may be. I thought it was kind of interesting that women don't get the same rewards out of playing video games and expanding territories. Who is to say that men don't perceive women as less territorial because men have suppressed women's rights in the past. In that case then men and women would get the same satisfaction and pleasure out of video game rewards. Just a thought.

A lot of "studies" at college are just small projects or homework assignments that don't require large sums of money. They use the project as a way to cover the scientific problem solving method. Some are official studies by the teacher/university but those studies go into ranking of colleges so the more studies a college performs... the higher the ranking of the college.

KYU21303783d ago

Another waste of webspace article. Yes the majority of the gaming community is male, but if you have ever played against a female gamer they get pretty territorial in some cases even more than men.

Of course since it was written by a woman you can expect that bit of info to be left out.

Lately you women have been a male gamer bashing kick. why not stop bashing and join in the gaming and maybe you will understand what it is about these games that is so compelling and fun.