Mugen Souls and the difficulty of reviewing niche games

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Games should not be judged on whether they will appeal to the same folks that stick to the yearly FIFA and Call of Duty games. Games should be judged based on how they will appeal to the people they were designed for. I can agree with the Metacritic score that Mugen Souls is one of the finest Otaku JRPGs developed this generation. What I can’t agree with is that the finest Otaku JRPGs are only “as good as” the dredges of another, more mass-market genre."

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Snookies121997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Wait so... This game was good? I mean, I love NIS and all, but seeing this game I kept thinking how weird it looked despite wanting to give it a shot. Hmmmm... Now I feel kinda bad for not pre-ordering the special edition.

I just didn't care for the way all the characters looked I suppose... Then again, I judged Tales of Graces based on the Japanese demo before buying it, and that game was freaking amazing.

MattS1997d ago

This game is really, genuinely awesome. Assuming you can handle the humour.

Trago13371997d ago

i WISH game sites covered more niche games often, but they wont because they don't get the same amount of hits as big budget AAA games, which is sad.

izumo_lee1996d ago

I also believe that these games do not get the proper respect that they deserve when game sites do review them.

They are catered to a specific audience but sometimes reviewers do not take that to account in their reviews. Also many of these games are over the top & occasionally highly sexualized & rate it down because of that. I remember the Hyperdimension Neptunia games were judged that way.

Baka-akaB1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

"Normal" people would rather buy games they know they'll complain alot about , like right now RE6 , instead of titles catering to their peculiar tastes from a variety of genres .

I always have to chuckle when i see people advancing the millions of online player of a console game , as an advantage . As if they'd even meet all those poeople , as if they'd experience real issues to find a party with "only" 100-500k players , and as if bare fps , many just didnt play with their friendlist anyway .

sypher1996d ago

Really good article, and couldn't agree more.