EA Wagers PlayStation 3, Activision Antes Up Xbox 360

In case you missed it, earlier this week games publishing giant Electronic Arts proclaimed the PlayStation 3 would place well ahead of the Xbox 360 in 2008. And today, rival games publisher Activision responded (sort of) by claiming that no, the Xbox 360 will in fact outpace the PlayStation 3. Recall Activision is now Activision Blizzard per its acquisition by Vivendi, making it either the first or second largest game publisher in the world depending on who you talk to.

Following are both companies' predictions for 2008.

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Le-mo3759d ago

Don't these two big publishers have better things to do? Like make quality games?

Sayai jin3759d ago

Bubbles for you. The last time I checked the were game developers not hardware devs. Just make good games and stop all the political hog wash.

GIJeff3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

important thing to these companies is deciding which platform is going to perform the best. EA knows the PS2 carried/carries a huge number of sales for their titles, especially the sports titles. They know the ps3 will be the new ps2, NOT the 360. Activision needs to wise up, if they are to remain competitive with EA. It's business forecasting, EA and Activision try to see where their money is going to come from for the next year or so. Perhaps because EA isn't too heavy into FPS(except BF)they think PS3 is going to give them more success. The general consensus is that people that have 360s are "hardcore" gamers into FPS(this is of course a generalization, don't say "but but" because you know it's true)and the PS3's audience is more like the PS2's, very broad and heavy into sports. Madden does very very well on the PS2 and will do very well on the PS3 going forward now that the install base is there.

SaiyanFury3759d ago

Actually, last I checked, both of these companies were publishers, not developers. The developers make the games, and the publishers release and publish them. EA and Activision have forgone their roles as developers and have become mere publishing companies. It's not up to EA and Activision to make great games, it's the developers that work for them.

Sayai jin3759d ago

@Sayainfury- They are both publishers, but my point remains the same. They are not console/hardware devs.

Antiomo3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

They are basically scanning the marketing to see which areas have potential and which areas dont.

Its called strategic planning and also advertising to your shareholders your view on the market.

Its all business in the end.

Somtimes the market demands more quantity of games and less quality... this is what EA has shown for many years. Im sorry I dont like the games from EA.... maybe c&C but thats about it, but they are the biggest and strongest publisher that caters to alot of ppl.

Coffin873759d ago

rofl you should think so.
but we all know what ea is doing .. at least they are starting to change their minds.

hope we can see this in the quality of their next games, but i wouldn't count on it to be serious ...

Ju3759d ago

I go with GIJeff and Antiomo. Both studios do their market analysis for the coming year. I can see why Activision thinks, for them the 360 will lead 2008/ With CoD4 one of the most successful titles out there. Shooters are still a domain of the 360, or say, it will not change unless the overall PS3 install base will match the 360. And this is still some time away (if at all). Looks like for the other genres (sports, action, adventure, racing), this is not the case. Looks like the PS3 has a higher attach rate here, and considering the PS3 sell pretty well, it doesn't look like they need to catch up to surpass the 360 sales. Also, the US is the biggest FPS market, the strongest 360 market as well. EAs portfolio goes way beyond that and as a global player, they start selling more PS3 titles outside the US (well, or are close). I am curious what the third big (western) players opinion is, Ubi Soft. Assassins Creed sells pretty well in Europe and Japan and better on the PS3 since a while.

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azzam3759d ago

say this to only ea . Activision created a goty .

azzam3759d ago

When xbox360 was doing good business they were with xbox360.
Now they are with ps3.Now they recognized that Ps3 is best.Ad they have to create good games i can bet that they will make better Ps3 game or equal game on both platforms.

ravinash3759d ago

Activision already make good games, so if this makes EA start making good games on the PS3, then I'm all for it.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3759d ago

Make up your mind, or take your meds.

Stubacca3759d ago

If this means EA will encourage more games to be developed on the PS3 then this will make me happy. They are notorious for crappy 360 ports like Fight Night R3. Fifa was good but rather than just posting predictions, couldn't they at least attempt to make something that shines on the PS3

Kleptic3758d ago

Jason? are down to one bubble?...what happened?...I gave you a bubble on Friday...

apparently some got tired of hearing PSinstall3 over and over...I have to admit...that is most likely the single most retarded play on consoles I have seen yet...but of luck to you...

maybe some better to your friends or something...somebody on your side has to have at least 1 thing funny to say...

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Evil Zhuk3759d ago

that wins this year and the next and the next..

ravinash3759d ago

Wheres your good twin, I haven't seen him in a while???

FirstknighT3759d ago

Oh so noooooooooooooow you like EA. HAHA. But I thought they were lazy bastards. Remember?

Liquid Ocelot3759d ago

No matter how much sucking up EA does to Sony and the PS3 i will still hate them for being one of the laziest developers ever.

Rocko3759d ago

Wheres the hate guys? Why the change of heart?

LastDance3759d ago

I duno about every1 else but im not going to sign every post with: EAs devs are lazy. Just because they dont say it in every single post they write.

you lose.