12GB PS3 aimed at Book of Spells players

The upcoming 12GB PlayStation 3 Slim model is being aimed at the casual audience who enjoy titles like Book of Spells.

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miyamoto2113d ago

and how much will this 12GB PS3 cost here in NA?

KonaBro2113d ago

This is a Europe specific PS3 model for Wonderbook.

iamnsuperman2113d ago

Which i do not get. Surely it would make sense to have this in NA aswell. But then again I am no business guru

a_bro2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

Sony...Because monkeys can run a business better than them...

miyamoto2113d ago

Well that sucks, because I am certain Wonderbook will be coming to NA also.
Anyways I already have a PS3 so I am ready for Wonderbook Walking with Dinosaurs.
Thanks for the reply.

creeping judas2113d ago

12GB PS3 would sell like hot cakes at christmas time!! As I believe it is 50 Euroes less than the next model with an actual HDD.

miyamoto2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

That's nice just like your name LOL!
Reminds me of the Judas Belt Fire Crackers

Anyway with that 50 Euros savings can be for games.

Neonridr2113d ago

so the 12GB model is aimed at Wonderbook. So what, 100 people will want to buy it then? Nothing personal against Wonderbook, I can see it being good for kids. And having JK Rowling involved isn't a bad thing at all. Everyone loves the world of Harry Potter.

Hicken2112d ago

So what IS your point then? You toss out "100 people" like you're expecting it to bomb, then turn around and talk up the draw of Rowling and even admit it could be good for kids.

Which is it? Everyone loves Harry Potter, so shouldn't that drive sales? Yet your prediction is that only "100" people will be interested.

I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to get at, since you seem to contradict your point with everything else you say.

Lazyeye792113d ago

I wish this was coming to NA, I need to retire my fat and a new cheap ps3 would be nice and I can just put the 320gb HDD I have in my fat in this guy.

MrWonderful2113d ago

I retired my launch system and imported the white one.

GamerElite2112d ago

My 80GB launch came out of retirement this year.

MrWonderful2112d ago


Lol mine will come out when im ready o play some older ps1 and ps2 games again

abzdine2113d ago

cool since kids don't care about save space.

GribbleGrunger2113d ago

Well this was obvious to be honest. I wouldn't discount MOVE bundles either. With Sports champion 2 coming this year, it would seem a missed opportunity to ship a few more MOVE controllers. Throw in a couple of other MOVE titles and a months sub to PS+ and I reckon that would be a winner!