Resident Evil 6 | Good Game Review

Resident Evil 6 tries to freshen up the series with a more modern setting, some big ideas, and sadly that is also its downfall.

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HarryMasonHerpderp2057d ago

These guys sound so scripted it's off putting.

Afterlife2057d ago

I have nothing against the score, even if it got a 9 from them.

Agree. I don't like their reviews because their style sucks and they aren't in depth enough.

shammgod2057d ago

couldn't agree more, however, these guys are like a train wreck...i can't look away

Allsystemgamer2057d ago

Yea they're reviews are pretty aweful. It's almost like they're reviewing a review that sucked lol

gamernova2057d ago

I like how everyone got disliked by the same guy. Everyone is whining about the same thing; RE isn't like before. News flash! Neither is Donkey Kong, Mario Games, and Final Fantasy games. Just because it isn't like before doesn't mean it isn't a good game. People are so afraid of change. It's ridiculous.

Baka-akaB2057d ago

two weeks ago they'd put down a tekken game because it "hasnt evolved" . That how ridiculous they are as reviewers .

At least other outlets can pretend they dump reviews to various writers with different opinions ... but here the same two can't string along a coherent thinking from one review to another

urwifeminder2057d ago

They are one of my favs in the industry alot of people dont like em as they dont give fan favs auto 10s.

bobtheimpaler2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

I don't like them because they're inconsistent. They marked Resistance 3 down because it didn't have regenerating health. That was seriously an issue to the guy and I couldn't help but think "Man the f*** up"

It was a better show when they still had that other guy and didn't have that stupid robot. Now the show is just as annoying as those videogame shows where the reporters sound like they're from Entertainment Tonight and E! which are also horrible for people who actually enjoy movies.

Everything feels disingenuine, manufactured and lacks depth.