A Higher Score For Xbox 360

Game Informer - An Xbox 360 Gamerscore is an easy way to distinguish yourself, but is Microsoft doing enough to reward its most ardent fans?

Last week the company announced that it was starting the MyAchievements rewards program for its Xbox Live Gold members with three tiers of Gamerscores: Contender (3,000-9,999), Champion (10,000-24,999), and Legend (25,000+). Prizes range from a gift during your birthday month to up to a two-percent rebate for Market purchases (with a 30,000 Microsoft Point max).

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Snookies122117d ago

No, that's crap. Seriously, it would have been a nice thing if they'd done it right, but right now it's just insulting in my opinion. You spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on games for 25,000+ points and get a 2% rebate? The hell is that? Come on, if you're going to offer something, at least make it something worth people's time.

xPhearR3dx2117d ago

Their birthday gift has an ARV of $0.25. What a joke that is.

Snookies122117d ago

Wow seriously? I didn't look into it really, but thought the "birthday" idea was the only redeeming factor in this scheme... However if it's that small of a gift, that's just insulting too. *facepalm* Not cool Microsoft... Not cool...

Moncole2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

At least you get something. You dont get anything thing from Steam or PSN on your birthday.

Blankman852117d ago

What do you get for platinuming 25 games? Nothing. What do you get for buying 25 wii games? Zip. Ps3 games? Nada. Steam? Zilch.
So take your complaints about getting something back for simply playing games and shove them straight up your *$$!

Moncole2117d ago

Will actually if you buy Nintendo games you can redeem the codes on Club Nintendo to get points so you can get stuff.

catch2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

Actually 25 Wii games would get you enough Club Nintendo points for some rad merch stuff and downloadable games.

Edit: beat me to it!

SecretPsycho2117d ago

But to be honest I've have had quite a few free things without even paying for anything or chasing achivments on steam and psn XD

Snookies122117d ago

@ChunkyLover53 - Free? Just how in the heck is this free? You PAY for games, their games, their online service, etc. they SHOULD be giving something to people after the ripoff that is Gold. Sorry, I've been through 2 Xbox 360's and the service which I'd used for well over 3 years wasn't anything that I couldn't get on Steam or PSN.

ALLWRONG2117d ago Show
nukeitall2117d ago

MS could not offer you anything, and then you would have nothing to complain about!

KONAAs2117d ago

first off screw x game chat, specially on bf3, i play the game to win if ur talking to your buddys go have a chat party, and u can do video chat with up to 6 ppl on ps3

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Excalibur2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

Yeah I fall into the "Legend" category and I agree, if you are going to reward me then reward me, make it 5-10% as I don't want my points being left in odd amounts.

So with this new program I spend $10.00 and get 20 cents back? Wow just wow.

nukeitall2117d ago

That is more interest than the money you (or at least most people) get in your bank account right now!

While you are at it, take your complaints to the bank too!

R_aVe_N2117d ago

Kind of seems like a waste of time if you ask me. I don't really go for points in the first place I play the game beat it and move on.


@ allwrong u can party chat with The ps3 live video with 6 players and why u keep bringing cross chat Wich I hate and don't care what my friend is playing if I want to talk I call them Plus I hate talking while I play