Game Informer - Why I'm Excited For XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Game Informer - As someone who hasn't owned a gaming-worthy PC for the better part of a decade, I guess I can safely be called a console gamer. While I don't miss the hassle of installing and configuring games or playing them at my desk with a keyboard and mouse, PC games still offer some gameplay features I wish I could get on a console.

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digitalkid2119d ago

The only two games I've been waiting that much in my life are Civ5 and Skyrim. Civ5 has the same developer as XCOM.

So that's all reasons I need. 8)

Psychonaughty2119d ago

I'm enjoying my free copy of civ5 with xcom pre-purchase right now actually ;) I've never played a civ game before and I like it, xcom looks excellent I agree but I thought Skyrim was meh tbh and that's from someone that loved Oblivion.

Captain Qwark 92118d ago

agreed 100% on the skyrim thing. it was not as good as oblivion and far behind morrowind.

that said, ive never played an xcom game before but im hyped for this one, game looks fantastic. reminds me of fire emblem or advanced wars but 3d and on a console. totally sold