Two new videos of Crisis Core: FFVII with English audio

Two new videos of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII with English audio have made their way into the web courtesy of IGN. The first video is called MIA and the second is Heading In.

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spectyre3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

I'm done with GOW:COO when this is released. Looks friggin sweet. My PSP has been getting a little dusty since I got my PS3. I think these two games are going to cause me to charge it up and give it a spit shine. Hell! I might even get a slim just for these two games.

Kain813692d ago

soon for Europe iwant this game

meepmoopmeep3692d ago

is there a release date for N.A yet? looks friggin amazing

JVIDICAN3692d ago

sometime in march

JVIDICAN3692d ago

when do you think reviews will start poping up?

bootsielon3692d ago

What the f*ck was that, lol

Kain813692d ago

than you would know it.
But i will not give a Spoiler, if you not played the game than you must try this out. Its a Epic story.

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The story is too old to be commented.