GameTap: Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice Review

Wes Nihei of GameTap writes: Pursuit Force snuck up on an unsuspecting public in 2006. No one really knew what to expect from the rookie crime fighter when it showed up for PSP duty. Although it was a bear to beat, it also proved to be a surprisingly entertaining way to run down some criminals. So the Force is back on the streets.

You'll like the way this game looks and pretty much like the way it sounds, too. The graphics and the cutscenes look sharp, almost crystal clear, although some of terrain and the street layouts seem to repeat themselves. The music nicely complements the mood of the action, but the voices for the hoods play up the stereotypes too much.

Extreme Justice is no world beater, and you wouldn't call it deep; but it is a solidly crafted action game with a good amount of gameplay. If you enjoyed the first Pursuit Force, this one's even better. And putting away bad guys is always a good time.

Pros: Nice gameplay variety; 50 missions means crime never sleeps; good-looking visuals.

Cons: Sensitive analog stick sometimes makes shooting and driving imprecise; streets and terrain repeat; stereotypical voices.

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