PCZone: WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Part 3

Ed Zitron of PCZone continues in this special feature:

The inspiration of the Scourge's architecture lies in the ruined catacombs of the Nerubians, sentient arachnids long since conquered (and promptly resurrected) by the Lich King. Now controlled by the Scourge and the mysterious Forgotten Ones, this subterranean zone was left untouched during Arthas' battles with the Nerubians of old - so expect instances, and plenty of loot. You'll also be able to visit the few remaining living Nerubians in the Old Kingdom, where the Dwarves are attempting to keep the entrance of the city shut as protection from the Undead.

Borean Tundra
The west-most corner of the continent houses an icy entry point into Northrend. The Horde arrive into Warsong Hold, under the command of (deceased Horde champion from Warcraft III) Grom Hellscream's son, Garrosh, and the Alliance into the vast Justice Keep on a massive steamship, with both factions battling away against the Naga. Living in Riplash Ruins, the fishy former-Highborne (posh elves to the layman) seek to flood the Tundra with a gigantic ice-melting machine in a '50s supervillain fashion. The other notable faction are the Walrus-esque Tuskarr, who ally themselves with the Horde, eat whales and share similar tribal habits. As well as similar bodily hygiene.

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