The Gaming Vault Hands-On: Lost Planet 3 (Xbox 360)

First off, most notably the game looks nothing if pleasantly functional. It doesn't offend the eyes but by the opposite measure, its not exactly up there with the best visuals seen recently in titles of similar ilk.

Its snow capped mountains and lushly detailed snowdrift vistas do little to hide the bland third person shooter that lurks underneath however.

Adopting a much closer third-person camera than seen in previous titles (not to mention a control system not-at-all unlike that seen in Dead Space 2), the game feels largely like a throwback to the 2006 original, but without any of the advancements which have been made elsewhere in the genre in the intervening years.

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Sidology2178d ago

A consistently disappointing series. I'm honestly not sure why Capcom hasn't abandoned it.

Excalibur2178d ago

Agreed, has either of them even financially done well?