Check out the "I Love Rock Band Valentine's Day Bash" on Wednesday the 13th… at 12 PM (at least in

From the article:
"Two hours ago, a press release showed up in my inbox detailing a Valentine's Day Rock Band tournament organized by 1up, MTV Games and Virgin Megastores, and for the life of me I cannot decide why in the world they would possibly hold the "main event" of the tournament, at the Virgin Megastore inside of Downtown Disney in Orlando, at 12 PM in the afternoon on Wednesday, the day BEFORE Valentine's Day.

Really, if they couldn't get in there on the day of V-Day, couldn't it at least be held off until Friday night or Saturday afternoon (or even at the same time as the other locations)? It just seems ridiculous to expect that a decent amount of people will show up right in the middle of the day, while the kids are in school and everyone else is at work, to come to Disney World to compete in a Rock Band tournament, even when a $500 gift card and "other cool prizes" are at stake.

The tournament will also take place in NYC and Hollywood at a reasonable time, 6:30 PM."

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