Lost Planet Gets Lost

IGN Reports: "Well, after about 24 hours on the PlayStation Network, Sony has taken down the Lost Planet: Extreme Condition demo."

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reaperxciv3577d ago

it's not gonna sell on the ps3 teehee

TheHater3577d ago

Capcom can't even make a proper demo. Just wow.

sak5003577d ago

Damn those lazy developers

GIJeff3577d ago

you get a job and fix it yourself...oh wait...

power of Green 3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

I know your joking but Lost Planet is not DMC4, theres much more going on, LP is more hardware taxing.

I wouldn't call the devs lazy although I know you're playing around.

DMC is just a hack-in slash single player game vs a game with tons of Sh8t going on and still keeps its graphical edge in "some cases"..

does anybody know if the demo released in Japan because they love the game and if so the volume of gamers would hurt PSN.

mikeslemonade3577d ago

Yea it released in Japan and that demo works fine. You just can't join the rooms that are almost full but if they're 1/8 then you can join them and play. This is a solid game in the 2008 PS3 lineup and im actually looking forward to playing both the single player and multiplayer. For me to say that's a lot because i'm very picky when it comes to single player.

3576d ago
original seed3576d ago

you have been reported. We dont need your sh!t on this side. One fanboy calling someone else a fanboy is not needed.

Mr PS33577d ago

Lost planet you dull,boring, bag of SH*TE

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The story is too old to be commented.