Bethesda Says Dishonored Gameplay Longer Than 22 Hours

SegmentNext - "Dan Todd, Arkane studios level designer, confirmed on the Bethesda official forums that the upcoming game Dishonored will have a play through time of longer than 22 hours. "

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mananimal1903d ago

Lmao, The Over Hype continues, I cant wait to see gamers reactions when this game is released.

nevermore1903d ago

Oh that is blasphemy child!
nah in all seriousness I'm not that concerned about Dishonored not living up to the hype like RE 6.
I have faith in the developers and Bethesda both. I'm sure they would not disappoint.

vickers5001903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

At least it's riding on hype because it actually looks really good, compared to many other games that ride on hype based solely on the name of the franchise.

Allsystemgamer1903d ago

What hype are you speaking of? Saying something is a decent length is hype now?

Irishguy951902d ago

Watch the vids...then get hyped. This game is hyped because of the gameplay video's and nothing more.

SOULJER1903d ago

It's Bethesda PS3 version will suck a$$. PC or 360 for sure.

Psychotica1902d ago

I am certainly not going to rush it. I am really looking forward to Tuesday..