EA CEO is sorry for Bullfrog, Westwood, Origin Systems mishandling

Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello is very sorry about what happened to Bullfrog. And Westwood. And Origin Systems.

"We at EA blew it, and to a degree I was involved in these things, so I blew it."

In his presentation kicking off the final day of the DICE Summit, the head of the videogame superpublisher acknowledged that his company's previous strategy of acquiring talented developers just didn't work. But these days, even as EA and its competitors swallow up more and more developers in the race towards consolidation, Riccitiello thinks things are working out right with companies like Bioware and Maxis, by letting them keep their corporate culture.

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darkside3755d ago

I love dungeon keeper and you had to kill it WHY EA WHY!!!!

resistance1003754d ago

BullFrog and Westwood were amazing dev's C&C and Theme Park were great great games.

Just another reason not to like EA

KillaManiac3754d ago

Ya...I hated EA for buying Westwood. Under Westwood their was a awsome Action RPG game called Nox...2nd was in making but was cancelled when EA bought it.


antoinetm3754d ago

maxis blew it with the latest sim city... sucks

GlossGreen3754d ago

EA is starting to see the picture for what it is. Hopefully with this attitude the developers will be allowed to create what they want without interference from the higher ups. If EA adopts this attitude and sticks with it, I believe there may be some hope for them yet.

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