Could Far Cry 3 be A Surprise Game of the Year Contender? | gamrReview

gamrReview: "Wow. Dear gamer, I must admit to have been taken somewhat unexpectedly. Although Far Cry was a decent enough adventure before it got weird, and Far Cry 2 was disappointing in every way, there was little to suggest the series had legs, and few probably greeted the announcement of a third title with bated breath. What even these hopefuls could not have expected was a first-person adventure of such great fun, personality, intrigue, freedom and outstanding potential. If the full game plays anything like this thrilling fifteen minute segment, then Far Cry 3 (may I whisper it?) will easily be one of the best games of the year."

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LOGICWINS2183d ago

From what I've seen, I don't see how it COULDN'T be a GOTY contender.

Cajun Chicken2183d ago

Totally excited for this. Looks like a return to form of the themes and scenery of the excellent first one by Crytek.

ab5olut10n2183d ago

Doubtful. But I'm still wicked excited for this. Day 1 mos def.

seanpitt232183d ago

Hope so loving the colours in the tropical island really makes the graphics stand out and the island looks so more alive his time around I don't think the mp will be anything special but as long as the campaign is good then that's all what matters day one for me.

Disco Downey2183d ago

The last one was an absolute snorefest. It'd want to up the game something serious.

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The story is too old to be commented.