Resident Evil 6 Review: So Much Game You’ll Have to Like Something | GameFront

Phil Hornshaw: "I complained a lot about Resident Evil 6 when I was playing it.

“What a stupid design choice,” I’d cry, gripping my Xbox controller, white-knuckled, in frustration as I died for the fifth time in the same place. Or I’d ask rhetorical questions to no one, like, “How am I supposed to know what to do here?” and “Why do I have no ammo if I’m expected to kill all these guys?”

Colleagues, listening to my annoyance, asked me pointed questions like, “So the game is kind of a mess, huh?” And yet, I could never answer. I couldn’t say, “Yes, I hate it.” I don’t hate it — not all of it.

I actually think… I kinda like Resident Evil 6."

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