Yakuza 5, Fist of the North Star PS3 bundles announced for Japan

Sony will introduce two new PlayStation 3 bundles in Japan this December.

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Godchild10201873d ago

I would love to have that Yakuza 5 Limited Edition PS3. The gold trim with the Yakuza Emblems is amazing. I also like the Gold and black controller. The fist of the North Star one, is not bad at all.

There have been better (One piece & Final Fantasy) limited edition PS3s, but this could be a start of great bundles and custom PS3s.

Sony, you need to bring these PS3s to the West!

sinncross1873d ago

The designs arent bad, but I prefer older ones because they took up a chunk of the exterior, as opposed to these.

Nonetheless, I hope Sony does something similar for PSBR (in the West !!!), that could be cool.

Godchild10201873d ago

Just Imagine if they put all the characters on the trim of the console. I would pay for that & maybe the characters on the back of the touch pad of the Vita for the bundle for that one.

Blankman851873d ago

I disagree. I think these new ones look like they just plastered cheap stickers on to the surfaces that would stick. Don't want!

jetpacksheep1873d ago

Nice, this actually makes the new slim look a lot better.

Neonridr1873d ago

a Yakuza special beach towel! Yippee! Just what I've always wanted!!

1873d ago
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