'New Little King's Story' Review: A jewel in the crown | Digital Spy

Digital Spy: "Marvelous Entertainment's hybrid sequel is a worthy addition to the Vita library."

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GuruStarr782180d ago

39.99?! Not even a discount for a digital only game? Kinda steep for a game with no physical counterpart.... really wanted to snag this today, but I might just wait if that's the case with the pricing..

murkster-dubez2180d ago

Thats a bargin mate, In the UK i paid £30 for the retail which is nearly $50.

Ult iMate2180d ago

I saw reviews and videos and liked the game. Too bad, my wallet is already empty because of Project Diva f, Dokuro and LBP. There is also Persona 4 and ZoE Collection on the way.
I added this game in my wish list.